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World Vision in the News takes a look at national and international media reports on World Vision's work around the globe.

October 25, 2005Going back to expand the good that’s been done

It was less than two years ago that four Elk River area pastors sensed a calling to visit Africa in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The destination was Karaba, Rwanda ... where one out of every seven people is infected with the AIDS virus. Upon their return, these pastors launched a community-wide mission effort bringing together churches, businesses, schools and a broad spectrum of community leadership that has resulted today in 480 Rwandan children being personally sponsored by Elk River area families.
Read more ...

May 29, 2005Native Son Works for a Better Sierra Leone
Ramond Scott is working with World Vision to ship at least one tractor, along with a 10-ton generator donated by an Everett family, to Sierra Leone. Read more ... About product donation ...

February 24, 2005A Moving Plea for Help
A mother who has just lost her son in the recent tsunami in Sri Lanka wails into the lenses of rolling cameras. In another scene, in hushed tones, a little girl explains, "Mother went to the shore and didn't come back." Read more ...

February 24, 2005The Colossus of Care
Sometimes big is beautiful. When the tsunami devastated South Asian shorelines the day after Christmas, 2004, World Vision's far-flung partnership already had 3,700 staff in five of the most affected countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar. Read more ...

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