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Financial Accountability

At World Vision, we are very careful with how we use the gifts our donors entrust to us — because we know that every resource given to us can transform a real child’s life.

We’re always trying to keep our overhead rate low. In the past year, we used 85 percent of our total operating expenses for programs that directly benefit children, families, and communities.

Learn more about World Vision’s leadership team — and view our financial statistics below.

Financial Accountability | World Vision

Financial Stewardship

At World Vision, we strive to be financially accountable to our donors and to the communities we serve.

Financial Highlights



Revenue and overhead trends (in millions)

Total revenue for the organization grew by 6 percent during the year. While private cash donations grew slightly to $600 million, public grant donations increased by 9 percent, and gifts-in-kind revenue rose 18 percent.


Overhead rate

Fundraising, management, and general expenses — sometimes called “overhead” — decreased by 5 percent in 2014. Our overhead rate (overhead expenses as a percent of total revenue) decreased from 17.0 percent to 15.1 percent.


Operating Expenses 2014

Annual Reports

Newly released 2014 financial statements

Fiscal 2014 was a positive year for World Vision, as total revenue grew 6 percent and a surplus for the year helped replenish depleted reserves.

2013 Financial Documents

Financial reports for years past can also be downloaded below: