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Jesse Eaves

Senior Policy Advisor for Child Protection

Expertise:  Child soldiers  |  Child trafficking  |  Child labor  |  N. Uganda recovery (#Kony2012)


Eaves coordinates the advocacy portfolio for World Vision's many offices around the globe for issues of child protection that include:

  • child soldiers
  • exploitative child labor
  • child trafficking
  • child sexual exploitation

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Jesse Eaves, Senior Policy Advisor for Child Protection

About Jesse Eaves

Jesse Eaves is the Senior Policy Advisor for Child Protection at World Vision in Washington, D.C. The son of missionaries, Jesse spent parts of his childhood in the Philippines and Uganda watching his parents take part in community building projects. After receiving his masters' degree from Northwestern University, Jesse moved to Uganda, where he worked with an organization called Hands In Service based in Soroti, Uganda. He was an assistant project manager for a community development project building a secondary school in the oldest camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the country.

Eaves then worked as the Operations Manager for Invisible Children in Gulu, Uganda where he worked with war-affected communities to create a school-rebuilding and community empowerment and development program that provided water and sanitation, technology, and improved access to education.

Eaves coordinates the advocacy portfolio for World Vision's many offices around the globe for issues of child protection that include child soldiers, exploitative child labor, child trafficking, and child sexual exploitation. Through his advocacy efforts, Eaves works to educate and empower Americans to take a stand for child protection and attempts to ensure that U.S. policymakers know how they can help to protect vulnerable children around the world.

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