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World Vision in the News - 2012 Archive

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Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all World Vision-related media clips ... just a sampling.


Christian Post: Students at Urbana assemble 32,000 AIDS caregiver kits ready for African Countries (December 31)
Buffalo Sabres: Kit build and distribution events in NYC for Hurricane Sandy (VIDEO, December 27)
Fox News: As fiscal crisis looms, taxing charitable gifts by the rich will hurt the poor the most (Rich Stearns op/ed) (December 27)
Seattle Times: How about a donated goat on your holiday shopping list? (December 21)
NPR: From a life of crime to designing jewelry, all in a Nairobi slum (December 13)
CNN Int'l: Philippines typhoon kills more than 400 (VIDEO, December 8)
Good Day L.A. (Fox): Holiday gift guide includes alpacas (VIDEO, December 8)
Windy City Live: World Vision Gift Catalog (VIDEO, December 6)
CNN: Rebels threaten wider Democratic Republic of Congo conflict (November 21)
Reuters: Bad news for charities? Americans plan to spend more - give less this holiday season (November 15)
ABC News/Univision: Evangelicals give Obama 92 days to tackle immigration (November 13)
Huffington Post Religion Blog: Goodbye, Christian America; Hello, true Christianity (Rich Stearns, November 6)
CNN: Runs will go on for some in NYC; many to pitch in with storm recovery (VIDEO, November 5)
Fox News: Sandy creates unexpected challenges for World Vision (VIDEO, October 31)
CNN U.S.: Aid groups readying for unprecedented damage (October 30)
Fox News: World Vision helps with supplies during Sandy (October 29)
ABC-7 Chicago: World Vision's Knit for Kids (October 25, 2012)
Reuters AlertNet: Photo blog - World Food Day - Preventing hunger (October 17)
Huffington Post Impact Blog by Romanita Hairston: Restoring hope and faith, one young child at a time (October 15)
USA Today: Red Wings' Jim Nill running marathon for wife, charity (October 6)
Huffington Post Religion Blog: Standing on Holy Ground (Matthew Scott) (October 3)
Fox News: Partisan gridlock endangering human trafficking legislation? (VIDEO, October 2)
CNN: Sex work: A livelihood in Swaziland (VIDEO, October 1)
Christian Post: World Vision to help mark first-ever 'International Day of the Girl' Initiative (October 1)
Chicago Business Journal: Team World Vision charity grows with grassroots marketing (September 28)
The Daily Texan: Attempts to further bill slowly progressing (September 28)
Huffington Post Impact: Creating a new generation of world-changers (Adam Taylor) (September 26)
Reuters AlertNet: Millions of children at risk as countries fail to tackle malnutrition - report (September 26)
CBS Seattle: Guide to World Vision's 'Step Into Africa' exhibit (September 24)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Royal Couple learns about hardship and hope in the Solomon Islands (September 17)
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: When Christians play well with others (September 8)
Chicago Sun-Times: Cancer survivor Beckie Fry determined to beat the bus in half marathon (September 7)
Patheos 'Jesus Creed' blog by Tony Jones: When your mother immolates herself (September 7)
Reuters AlertNet: World Vision responds to Sierra Leone's worst cholera outbreak in more than a decade (September 5)
CNN World: Help for the Gulf Coast in Isaac's wake (August 31)
Washington Post: Personal coaches help Haitian families try to get out of poverty (August 30)
Huffington Post Religion Blog: Crossing the boundaries of faith to fight poverty (Rich Stearns) (August 29)
CNN: Haiti sits in path of strengthening Isaac (August 23)
New York Times: Pop stars join growing effort to aid the poor (August 22)
Fox News: Urgent call to end slavery and human trafficking (August 20)
Dallas News: Christian group treats Dallas-area teaches to free school supplies (August 14)
Half the Sky: Whipped for water (August 13)
CNN iReport: Aid worker diary: Manila floods leave children, families stranded (August 7)
Voice of America: Typhoon Haikui slams east China (August 6) From child soldier to Olympic runner (August 3)
ABC News: The global note: Battle for the Olympics, very bad elephant in the pool (August 1)
Huffington Post: I was running for my life, now I run for Team USA (Lopez Lomong) (July 30)
IRIN: AID POLICYNew words, old challenges (July 30)
The Washington Times: Top human traffickers need not fear Obama (July 29)
The New York Times: The Olympics should be about national pride and identity (July 27)
Christianity Today: Lost boy Olympian Lopez Lomong runs to save lives (July 27)
CNN: OutFront of the Mali crisis: Helping Mali refugees (July 26)
CBN NEWS: Rick WarrenChurches must join the AIDS fight (July 27)
KING5 News: Bestselling author Debbie Macomber's 'pitch' for kids (July 26)
Christian Post: AIDS Activists: Faith-based efforts are largely an untold story (July 26)
KPUL Humanosphere (BLOG): AIDS 2012: Faith-based aid and secular humanitarians still uneasy bedfellows (July 25)
Washington Post: Christianity and HIV/AIDS: From criticism to compassion (July 25)
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: West African food crisis gets little money from Americans (July 23)
Voice of America: Aid agencies call for different way to fight Sahel hunger (July 19)
Devex: A take-home, FDA-approved test for HIV (July 19)
Voice of America: 'Lost Boy' makes run for Olympic glory (July 18)
PBS: Niger famine and regreening (June 29)
Daily Emerald: Starting from scratch: Lopez Lomong's journey from Africa to Olympic trials (June 27)
Oregon Live: U.S. Olympic trials: Now Lopez Lomong has something to run toward (June 16)
Huffington Post: Giving Sahel farmers the tools for success: farmers managed natural regeneration (June 22)
Huffington Post: One small cry: Hassane's fight against malnutrition (June 19)
Chicago Tribune: Euro zone crisis distracts summit from poor nations' needs (June 20)
Los Angeles Times: Leaders of the group of 20 nations gather in Mexico (June 17)
Huffington Post: Why every day must be Father's Day (Richard Stearns & Roland C. Warren) (June 14)
Faith Street: Faith in future generations (June 13)
Global Post: Children in West Africa forced to eat locusts, World Vision says (June 10)
ABC News: 'A cry for help': Hunger and drought crisis in West Africa (VIDEO, May 29)
Christianity Today: Are the world's wealthiest nations doing enough to fight hunger? (May 27)
MSNBC: An African oasis breaks cycle of drought (VIDEO, May 18)
National Journal: G8 summit attracts lobbying (May 18)
KCCI (Des Moines, IA): Birthday wish spreads fast on Facebook, Twitter (April 26)
CNN Freedom Project Commentary: Urge U.S. Congress to action via your tweets (April 23)
National Public Radio: Indian Ocean nations on alert following 8.6 earthquake (April 11, MP3)
Christian Science Monitor: 'Hunger Games' fandom: Can it become a force for good? (March 22)
Fox News: Is the world facing a water crisis? Faustina Boakye weighs in (March 22)
CBS This Morning: Children orphaned by tsunami struggle to cope (March 10)
Fox News: The Japanese tsunami: One year later (VIDEO, March 9)
Christian Science Monitor: Mexico withers under worst drought in 71 years (March 9)
ABC 7 News: Chicago children send relief to Harrisburg tornado victims (March 9)
King5 News (Seattle): 30 Hour Famine's Michele Tvedt on "New Day NW" (February 22)
CNNTV and Hugh Jackman's sweet business deal (February 9)
The White House: President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast (February 2)
Fox News: Clicking to feed the poor (VIDEO, January 13)

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