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World Vision readies multi-state Isaac disaster response

  • Relief supplies to deploy this week from Dallas to Louisiana and Mississippi (Alabama pending)
  • Needs of children will be priority in World Vision's immediate response and long-term recovery assistance
  • Text donation campaign: Text "GIVEUSA" to 777444 to make a $10 donation to World Vision's disaster response

Media Contacts:

Phyllis Freeman
Domestic Disaster Director (North Texas)

214.244.9196 (c)
  Mindy Mizell
Media Relations Director (NYC)

202.355.3690 (c)

Dallas, TX (August 27, 2012) — As Tropical Storm Isaac barrels through the Gulf of Mexico, Christian humanitarian organization World Vision is preparing to launch a multi-state disaster response effort immediately upon landfall. At the organization’s Domestic Disaster Headquarters near Dallas, TX, World Vision not only has a response team standing by but a warehouse full of relief supplies pre-positioned to deploy to areas expected to be hardest hit by the storm.

“Tomorrow marks 7 years since Hurricane Katrina swept across the Gulf, a disaster none of us will ever forget,” said Phyllis Freeman, World Vision’s Domestic Disaster Director. “World Vision chose to locate our new disaster headquarters and preposition relief supplies in this area of Texas for a reason. The Gulf is prone to all sorts of storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, and our teams need to be strategically nearby to enable us to respond quickly.”

In 2005, World Vision responded to Hurricane Katrina by opening a 40,000-square-foot temporary distribution center where $8.2 million in goods were distributed to more than 318,000 survivors. Already in 2012, World Vision has used its one-year-old permanent Dallas site to launch a nearby Texas tornado response in April and a wildfire response in Oklahoma earlier this month. Storm survivors impacted by Isaac this week will be provided hygiene supplies, cleaning products and food packages.

“Once Isaac makes landfall, our team is ready to get immediate relief supplies to families and children who need them most,” said Freeman. “World Vision is able to mobilize quickly because our teams partner with churches and organizations already in the path of the storm. We are praying this storm does not escalate into a massive hurricane but World Vision is ready to help if it does.”

Already, Isaac has wreaked havoc in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti, killing at least nineteen people and forcing thousands to evacuate. World Vision is delivering basic supplies to families in shelters in its service area.

The public can help by visiting www.worldvision.org, calling (888) 56-CHILD (2445), or by texting "GIVEUSA" to 777444 to make a $10 donation to World Vision's disaster response.

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