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World Vision appeals for more support for Hurricane Isaac survivors in the USA

  • Lack of media attention raises concern for response teams struggling to keep up with the demand for relief supplies in disaster zones most devastated by Hurricane Isaac
  • Text donation campaign: Text "GIVEUSA" to 777444 to make a $10 donation to World Vision's disaster response

Media Contacts:

Phyllis Freeman
Domestic Disaster Director (North Texas)

214.244.9196 (c)
  Mindy Mizell
Media Relations Director (NYC)

202.355.3690 (c)

Dallas, TX (September 6, 2012) — More than a week after Hurricane Isaac made landfall along the Gulf Coast, World Vision relief teams report they are struggling to keep up with the extreme demand for relief supplies from storm survivors. The Christian humanitarian organization’s Domestic Disaster Director Phyllis Freeman says much of the media attention initially focused on larger cities that were not as severely impacted. In Louisiana, state officials are reporting more than 13,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Isaac particularly along the Mississippi state line and outside the rebuilt levee system.

Freeman says one of her major concerns it that many media outlets are under-reporting the extent of the damage. She says a number of factors have tragically contributed to a lack of media attention including: delayed flood damage that occurred after the storm, attention shifting toward the Republican and Democratic National conventions and the distraction of Labor Day weekend.

“World Vision is trying to sound the horn that families need our help even if you don’t see this crisis on the news anymore,” said Freeman. “Our teams are doing the best we can to quickly send as many relief supplies as possible to survivors in several states but families need much more.”

Already World Vision has provided several dozen pallets of relief supplies to churches in Gretna and Kenner, Louisiana as well as Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Supplies include blankets, clothing, cleaning supplies and hygiene products that are being distributed through churches partnering with World Vision. Freeman says there is a huge demand for more of World Vision’s food kits and cleaning kits.

“World Vision is very concerned about families specifically affected by flood waters because most insurance companies do not cover that type of damage,” said Freeman. “World Vision still needs several thousands more kits to keep up with demand.”

The public can help by visiting www.worldvision.org, calling (888) 56-CHILD, or by texting "GIVEUSA" to 777444 to make a $10 donation to World Vision's disaster response.

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