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World Vision statement on military interventions in Mali

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Lauren Fisher

Bamako, MALI (October 19, 2012) — Any conversations about military intervention in Mali must begin with consideration for the most vulnerable groups, particularly children, who are at risk of getting caught in the crossfire, says World Vision. The organization is calling for all groups to keep the needs of the most vulnerable women and children first and foremost, to consider the humanitarian consequences of possible military operations and to follow international humanitarian law. This means, vitally, unimpeded access for humanitarian actors, and ensuring sufficient humanitarian assistance for children and their families.

"Mali is a country whose people are dealing with immense challenges from dire poverty, a food and nutrition crisis, and the political and security crises. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes, especially women and children," said Chance Briggs, World Vision's national director in Mali. "It would be intolerable to see further pain and suffering heaped on children and their families in Mali. They have enough to deal with in the past few months."

World Vision is actively monitoring the situation and is prepared to respond if there is any increase in humanitarian need, such as people displaced from their homes. The organization has been responding to the needs of displaced populations in Mali, both from the current drought and food crisis and the escalating violence by providing cash for work and food for work programs, child nutrition feeding programs, shelter, and water purification kits.

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