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World Vision welcomes civilian focus of recent Security Council resolution on Mali

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Lauren Fisher

New York, NY (December 27, 2012)World Vision welcomes the UN Security Council putting civilians in Mali at the heart of the resolution the Council recently adopted, and we are pleased to see the Council addressing humanitarian concerns raised by World Vision and others.

Resolution 2085 authorized the African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) in 2013, and demanded that all parties in Mali comply with international humanitarian and human rights law. This includes ensuring that civilians are respected and protected from harm and allowing safe, unhindered access of humanitarian aid to people in need across the country. The Council also reiterated that civilians should lead this aid, an important principle of humanitarian assistance.

The Council has put in place an important set of benchmarks to measure the progress of AFISMA, and requested regular progress reports that will enable the international community and the people of Mali to monitor the compliance and performance of the mission.

World Vision also welcomes the emphasis on training AFISMA and the Malian Army to fulfill their obligations under international human rights, humanitarian, and refugee law. Although World Vision strongly supports a peaceful resolution, the organization stresses that if there are military operations, the adverse impact on civilians — especially on women and children — must be mitigated, echoing the civilian-focused calls of the Council.

World Vision calls on the Security Council, and the broader international community, to ensure that the humanitarian and human rights provisions and principles in the resolution are followed and enabled with adequate funding. World Vision also urges governments, private citizens, faith communities, corporations, and foundations to step up to meet the ongoing, serious humanitarian needs of Malians — particularly for the hundreds of thousands who have fled their homes and remain inside Mali, or are refugees in neighboring countries, as well as the communities hosting them.

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