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World Vision media relations

Media inquries only. For all other inquiries, please call 1-888-511-6548 or email info@worldvision.org. We are available to journalists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. See resources for journalists for details.

News Bureau

Johnny Cruz
Email Johnny Skype: jandccruz Tweet Johnny
National director

253.815.2072 (o)
206.653.4689 (c)
Amy Parodi
Email Amy Skype: Amy.Parodi Tweet Amy
Seattle bureau
Domestic news and operations

253.815.2386 (o)
253.709.3190 (c)
Christine Connolly Bell
Email Christine Skype: cconnollybell Tweet Christine
Los Angeles bureau
U.S. disasters
Local U.S. stories

323.208.2444 (c)
Laura Blank
Email Laura Skype: laurablank Tweet Laura
Washington, DC bureau
International news
Disaster response

708.872.5265 (c)
Lauren Fisher
Email Lauren Skype: lauren.fisher1111 Tweet Lauren
Washington, DC bureau
International news
Disaster response

206.310.5476 (c)
Holly Frew
Email Holly Skype: holly.frew Tweet Holly
Washington, DC bureau
International news

202.572.6323 (o)
202.596.8509 (c)
Gardi Wilks
Email Gardi Skype: gardi.wilks Tweet Gardi
Chicago bureau
Feature stories
Special projects

708.366.8389 (o)
708.366.8389 (c)
Kelli Day
Email Kelli Skype: kj.day Tweet Gardi
Media/PR for corporate
& external partnerships
253.227.3875 (c)

Larry Short
Email Larry Skype: DarkLordLarry Tweet Larry
Blogger relations/new media253.815.2323 (o)
253.906.9676 (c)

Corporate Communications

Cynthia Colin
Email Cynthia Skype: cynthia.colin
Media relations senior director
202.572.6595 (o)
202.436.1266 (c)

Sheryl Watkins
Email Sheryl Skype: sheryl.watkins
Senior communications officer
253.815.2246 (o)

World Vision
Phone: 1-888-511-6548
P.O. Box 9716
Federal Way,WA 98063-9716
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