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Customize your involvement …

Your life and work situation are unique. So your role can be as simple or involved as you’d like. Your main goals will be to:

    • Identify and communicate with World Vision supporters in your company
    • Encourage co-workers to take advantage of your company’s matching gift benefit
    • Share about World Vision with your co-workers through appropriate avenues
    Are you inspired to try more? You could:
… choose your benefits.
If selected to represent World Vision, your benefits will include: It’s easy. We’re here to help.
We know you’re passionate about helping children in need. That’s why we’ve created this rewarding opportunity for you to make even more of an impact — with minimal effort.

Your personal representative at World Vision can answer your questions or help you get started.

Frequently asked questions

What is my role?
Your main responsibilities will be to:
    • Identify and communicate with World Vision supporters in your workplace
    • Encourage your co-workers to make their gifts to World Vision go farther by taking advantage of your company’s corporate matching gifts benefit
    • Share your passion for changing lives through World Vision
More opportunities are available if you wish. Why not choose one idea and see what happens from there?

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How can I get involved with others at work?
Maybe you’d like to serve as a facilitator for others in your company who are interested in fighting global poverty and injustice. Here are some ideas. Give one a try — or think of your own!

    • Participate in a conference call, webinar session, or guest speaker visit with one of our development experts or international staff members (as available)
    • Create a blog to share experiences and expand your community
    • Host a Global Lunch to give your office a taste from one or more countries in which World Vision works
Use your creativity in partnership with your personal World Vision representative to come up with one or more ideas that work for you.

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Are there fun volunteer opportunities for me and my co-workers?
There are many ways you and your co-workers can have fun together while benefiting people in need through World Vision. Your group can change lives by:

    • Volunteering at World Vision’s Storehouse (in 11 U.S. cities)
    • Gathering other co-workers to build Caregiver Kits for volunteers around the world who are caring for people living with AIDS, or assemble packets of school supplies for children in need (both domestic and international)
    • Helping at our Appalachia program for a week in the summer, personal budget and schedule permitting (many volunteers find this is a great option for a meaningful family vacation)
Opportunities vary by location, schedule, and availability. Please contact us for details.

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How can I increase my impact by raising funds and awareness to benefit poor communities?
As your company supports or allows, you might enjoy:

    • Rallying a team for an athletic event or challenge (marathon, bike ride, mountain climb, triathlon, etc.) to raise money through Team World Vision
    • Creating a personalized World Vision Gift Catalog Web page that your company or coworkers can use to honor clients, vendors, employees, or family and friends ( contact us for assistance )
    • Representing World Vision at your workplace or community charity fair (we’ll provide all the tools and training you need, plus prizes to distribute!)
Click on the links above or contact us for more information, ideas, and free support materials.

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What exclusive information can I receive?
We want to make sure you have all the resources you need, and that you stay up to date on how your efforts are changing lives around the world. You’ll get an inside look at World Vision’s work through:

    • A semi-annual newsletter
    • Opt-in e-mail alerts on topics of specific interest to you as news develops
    • Your personal representative, who will answer your questions and connect you with personalized resources

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Who do I contact with questions or to get started?
Call 1.866.859.KIDS (5437) (toll free) or e-mail employeegiving@worldvision.org. Your personal representative will answer your questions, help you get started, and provide you with ongoing support as needed.

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