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The events below are organized by city and state. To find an artist's event, click the icon next to your state, then the icon next to the city closest to where you live.

click to expand/collapse7:00 AM
click to expand/collapseA Night of Hope with Joel and Victoria Osteen
click to expand/collapseBig Daddy Weave - The Only Name Tour
click to expand/collapseCasting Crowns Thrive Tour
click to expand/collapseDave Ramsey Legacy Journey Live
click to expand/collapseHarlem Globetrotters
click to expand/collapseKathy Troccoli
click to expand/collapseLivestock Color Dash 5K Race
click to expand/collapseRoyal Tailor's Walls Down Tour
click to expand/collapseWomen of Faith 2014 - From Survival to Revival
click to expand/collapseWorld Vision's Kisongo Trek at Dollywood
click to expand/collapseWorld Vision's Kisongo Trek at Leadercast