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The island nation of Haiti, the poorest and most vulnerable nation in the Western Hemisphere, was mercilessly battered by four successive hurricanes in September 2008 and now ferociously shattered by a massive earthquake. A place where children learn that crying does no good and survival is the daily goal, Haiti's suffering has now deepened beyond what can be imagined. Their cries for help can now be heard around the world, but we must make sure they can be heard for many years to come. This shattered country is a test of our own humanity and our call to action.

Operation Hope for Haiti in partnership with World Vision will be focused on uniting the community of South Florida to maintain a sustained response to relief and recovery efforts. We believe that as Haiti’s closest American neighbor, we have a moral obligation to keep Haiti on the national and international radar screen long after the media stops covering the tragic story. We must be the voice of the voiceless and help our neighbors receive the long-term support they will need to build a new life.

OHH will support World Vision's humanitarian relief and long-term recovery programs with a particular focus on children and families left homeless. We will unite organizations and people of South Florida to remain engaged and committed to helping our neighbors in Haiti.

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