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About the Program

In the immediate aftermath of the four devastating hurricanes which battered the impoverished island nation of Haiti in September 2008, the City of Miami in partnership with World Vision and community leaders provided critical relief and aid through Operation Hope for Haiti. The outpouring of support from the community was overwhelming as we united quickly in support of our poor neighbors.

Recognizing the need to transition from immediate aid to a sustained response supporting the hurricane recovery efforts, Operation Hope for Haiti, chaired by Julie Grimes, Owner Representative Doubletree Grand and Hilton Bentley Hotels and Nitin Motwani, Principal Miami World Center, was working to make an intentional, strategic difference in one of the deeply impacted rural areas, setting a model for others to follow. The focus was to enable community sustainability by stemming the risk of future flooding and supporting World Vision’s holistic interventions around food, agriculture, economic development, education and health. Almost $300,000 had been raised by OHH towards this goal.

OHH is now re-directing all its efforts towards relief and recovery in the aftermath of one of the most catastrophic earthquakes of our lifetimes. The horrific human tragedy unfolding in Haiti is going to require a sustained response from our community, country and the world. OHH in partnership with World Vision is calling on all South Floridians to stand together in solidarity to provide immediate and long-term support to our devastated neighbors.

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World Vision and Haiti

World Vision has a long history of working alongside the people of Haiti. We have provided relief and long-term development assistance for 31 years. More than 52,000 children receive the benefits of child sponsorship through 20 community development programs supported by U.S. donors and donors worldwide. More than 320,000 people are being helped by World Vision programs that target education, health and sanitation, economic development, and advocacy for the poor. Other special programs target clean water, food security, sustainable agriculture, and HIV and AIDS. Our staff in Haiti numbers more than 370 people, plus volunteers.

World Vision has experience responding to disasters in Haiti and worldwide. Last year, we responded to dozens of emergencies, including devastating floods that hit Haiti during hurricane season last year. Thanks to generous donors, World Vision was able to provide much-needed assistance to thousands of children and their families following the floods.

Here are just a few examples of how your donation can make a difference:

  • $5,000 can provide Family Survival Kits to 50 families.
  • $13,000 can provide hygiene kits, containing items like soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products, to 300 families.
  • $32,500 can provide 10,000 families with water containers used to transport and store water.
  • $130,000 can provide up to 450 families with materials, such as tarps, wooden poles, and iron sheets, to build temporary and safe shelters.

Ways to Help

The extreme severity of the conditions in Haiti from the massive earthquake devastation calls for a unified, sustained response from our community. As Haiti’s closest American neighbor we have a moral obligation to ensure the Haiti is kept on the national and international radar screen. We must continue to be the voice of the voiceless long after the focus of the world drifts past the harrowing headlines and images. We cannot let the plight of the most vulnerable be once again erased from our consciousness.

Please join us in solidarity and become a long-term partner in the relief and recovery efforts in Haiti.

Call to Action: Give a Special Gift Now

Make a financial donation to World Vision through Operation Hope for Haiti by making a special one-time or multi-year gift.
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Run for Haiti
The smallest steps lie at the heart of all movements. Let your steps help move Haiti forward to a better life. Join Team World Vision and Run or Walk for Haiti at the Miami Tropical 5K, ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. All the proceeds raised by Team World Vision will go to Operation Hope for Haiti. Learn more at www.teamworldvision.org/miami.

Sponsor A Runner
If you do not want to participate in the events please consider sponsoring a runner.

Sponsor a Child

For $35 per month, or $420 annually, you can provide a child access to critical resources such as:

  • Clean water
  • Nutritious food
  • Health care
  • Education

Sponsor Now

Change a child's life.
By combining sponsorship gifts with other donations, we are able to provide long-term resources for lasting change — such as reforestation, food security, agriculture and income-generating opportunities that benefit your sponsored child, their family, the community and other children in need.

Make a personal connection.
You may communicate with your sponsored child, send birthday and holiday cards and receive letters from them. Annually, World Vision will send you a progress report and updated photo of your child.

World Vision's child sponsorship program creates real, lasting change for children and their communities. We partner with sponsored children's communities over the long term to address critical needs and help communities become self-sustaining. Become a child sponsor and help change a life in need.

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