“Running Comrades has been a lifelong dream. Helping children has been a lifelong passion. Pairing the two makes my heart come alive. Nothing could be sweeter.”

– Josh Cox

Why we run

For runners, the Comrades Marathon is one of the ultimate tests of endurance.

But each day in Africa, countless children face an even greater test: extreme poverty. Hunger wracks their bodies. Preventable diseases like HIV and malaria tear through their communities. Dirty water — often collected miles from home — kills thousands each day. Education and economic opportunity are distant dreams.

Team World Vision is running to change all this.

We are running to raise awareness — and raise up sponsors — for children in three impoverished countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

Every child you sponsor as a result of this effort will gain access to life’s basic necessities — things like:

  • nutritious food
  • clean water
  • healthcare
  • education
  • economic opportunity
  • caring staff who show God’s unconditional love

We cannot run this race alone. We invite you to come alongside a child in need — to share the journey with them and help them along the road to a better future.