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World Vision Experience

Inspire your church to follow Jesus to the margins through our new 20-minute mobile experience. Interested in hosting at your church? Send us an email!

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Follow Jesus into the Margins

The next generation of our mobile exhibit is traveling to churches across America, inspiring visitors to embrace Jesus’ call to be light in a dark world, to live out selfless love for the well-being of everyone, everywhere — especially for the most vulnerable.


During your 20-minute journey, you’ll witness despair and hope in a brothel in Southeast Asia, see how God is working in the midst of the Syrian refugee crisis, and join Christ in the midst of extreme poverty in Africa. You’ll be inspired and your eyes opened as you hear what Jesus hears, see what He sees, and come to understand that you are serving Jesus Himself when you come alongside those in the midst of today’s greatest needs.

Come journey with Jesus among those suffering in the margins of our world in the World Vision Experience. You’ll never be same.

Upcoming Schedule


January 21-24

January 28-31

February 11-14

February 19-21

February 26-28

March 10-13

March 17-20

March 31 - April 3

April 8-10

May 12-15


All Nations Church

Christ's Greenfield Church

St. Marks United Methodist Church

Lakeway Church

Custer Road United Methodist Church

University Heights Baptist Church

St. Philips Church

Hillside Church

Evangelical Community Church

Real Life Community Church


Lake View Terrance, CA

Gilbert, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Lakeway, TX

Plano, TX

Stillwater, OK

Frisco, TX

Keller, TX

Bloomington, IN

Chicago, IL















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Interested in hosting?

To book your church, email us today!


"The Experience made me feel like I was there. But what impacted me the most was seeing how World Vision is working in these areas and that I can help!" Visitor

"I have been touched deeply by this Experience. If has been an eye-opening one. My heart breaks for these people and families affected." — Visitor

"This was powerful. Jesus is everywhere, but especially in the margins of society. How quickly I forget how difficult it is outside of the safety and security of our country. Jesus - lead me to greater awareness!" Visitor

* This experience is wheelchair accessible and Spanish translation is available.