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Read more below to learn why we’re partnering with World Vision to make a difference around the world.


We believe that every child has seeds of greatness inside them.

But poverty deprives many of the opportunity to flourish. When you sponsor a child through World Vision, you help provide him or her with access to resources like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, educational opportunities, and spiritual nurture — basics that boys and girls need to grow and thrive.

By investing in the life of a child, you could make an unimaginable impact. The child you sponsor could help lift his community out of poverty, save lives as a doctor, or become a prominent leader in her country. It’s happened for real children sponsored through World Vision!

Please join us as we partner with World Vision to help change lives. Sponsor a child today and help build a brighter future — for a child, and the world.

Choose a child

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I was so excited when I learned
about sponsorship, because I knew it would be a wonderful opportunity for my children to get involved in helping others. We’ve been sponsoring two children for the past eight years,
and it’s been so rewarding and
so fulfilling.
—Victoria Osteen