Sponsorship helps family find wholeness beyond poverty

Thanks to World Vision’s sponsorship program in their village in Bangladesh, this new year will be one of greater stability and hope for Rubina, her husband, and her daughter, who once faced desperate need.

By Golam Ehsanul Habib, World Vision Bangladesh
Published January 1, 2013 at 12:00am PST

Late at night, Rubina Begam would pray. She’d whisper into the darkness or simply pray silently.

“Please save us,” she prayed night after night.

Rubina is the mother of Hena Khatun, an 8-year-old girl, and is married to Abdul Haque. Poverty is widespread in their Bangladeshi village.

Rubina’s family never had enough food in the house. Abdul was a day labourer and didn’t earn much. From the time Hena was born, the family was in desperate need.

Some nights, the little girl would go to bed crying for food. Buying Hena new clothes was out of the question. Her parents couldn’t afford it.

All that Rubina could do was pray. “I couldn’t stand these unpredictable incidents of my life anymore,” she says.

A reason for hope

One day, there was an answer.

Two years ago, World Vision conducted a survey, looked at ways to help the community, and established an area development program to address the causes of poverty in this region of Bangladesh.

Hena then became registered to receive benefits through World Vision’s sponsorship program.

“Another 30 children were also included as registered children in this village,” Rubina says. “As a registered child’s family, we received many benefits from World Vision.”

Among the first was getting Hena and other children enrolled in school.

“They [World Vision] also provide school bag, toys, gift cards, and many more things for our children,” Rubina says. “They also provided us skills development training on livestock rearing and homestead gardening.”

Sources of empowerment

Thanks to these interventions, Hena’s father, Abdul, was able to save some money and start a small business with World Vision’s support.

Every day, Rubina helps her husband prepare the raw, spicy food that they sell at the business. Abdul sells the food to customers in the village, providing a chance for the family to save some much-needed income.

Rubina also works in her new garden at home, which fulfills the family’s daily vegetable needs.

Last year, Rubina and Abdul purchased a cow from their savings. This year, they also bought a calf. After both have grown, they’ll be able to sell them at the market for even more income.

Better days ahead

Since World Vision came to their community, life is more stable and hopeful for Hena and her parents.

“I like to play with my friends,” says the 8-year-old girl. “I love my mom and father because they love me.”

Meanwhile, Rubina has become a member of an organization on community development. She says she now feels a greater opportunity to pursue her family’s dreams.

“I will fulfill all the hope and aspiration of my children,” Rubina says enthusiastically. “I will make [them] more educated and enlightened.”

Thanks to World Vision’s presence in her community — and the power of child sponsorship — Rubina and her husband are now much better equipped to do just that.

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Two ways you can help

Thank God that Hena and her parents have had their prayers answered and that they now have a chance to lead healthy, hopeful, productive lives. Pray that many other lives in their village would be touched in a similar way as community members work to reduce poverty.

Sponsor a child in Bangladesh or country of your choice. Your love and commitment to a boy or girl in need will also bring benefits to an entire community through interventions like nutritious food, agricultural assistance, clean water, medical care, education, economic development, and more.