VIDEO: How a Micro gift card can help change a life

Microloans are a sustainable way to help hard-working entrepreneurs lift themselves and others out of crushing poverty. By giving a Micro gift card this Christmas season, you can honor a loved one and provide a resource that has the potential to empower an unlimited number of people in need.

Published November 14, 2012 at 12:00am PST

Gift cards

This year, you can give a meaningful gift to a loved one — and offer a helping hand to an entrepreneur in need.

World Vision Micro gift cards can be purchased at a value that you select and can be personalized for the occasion with a message and delivery method of your choice.

The recipient of the gift card can then specify the purpose of the loan and track its progress — receiving updates on the entrepreneur’s advancement toward his or her business goal.

Once the loan is repaid, it will be recycled to help other hardworking entrepreneurs in the same country.

World Vision’s microfinance programs

This is how World Vision Micro works. Small loans are issued to men and women who have sound business plans but lack the capital, collateral, or credit history to secure a traditional loan.

With their microloans, the entrepreneurs can start or expand their businesses — providing valuable services and employment opportunities in their communities, while generating income to care for their families.

As their businesses grow and thrive, the entrepreneurs are able to repay the loan, which is then reissued to other hardworking individuals, who can use the loan for the same purpose. Microloans are repaid at a rate of 97 percent — which means they have the potential to help an unlimited number of people.

Three ways you can help

Please pray for entrepreneurs around the world who are affected by poverty and lack the resources to start businesses, despite their talents and passions. Pray that small loans will help them to overcome the obstacles they face to achieving their dreams and caring for their families.

Give a Micro gift card to a loved one this holiday season. Choose the amount of the card, as well as the recipient, and customize it with a special message and method of delivery!

You can also fund a loan yourself for an entrepreneur of your choice. He or she can start or expand a business, and when the load is repaid, it will be recycled to help even more hardworking people in need.