VIDEO: Walking a mile in his shoes so others can walk in theirs

Just one microloan from World Vision helped lift a hardworking entrepreneur out of poverty, who, in turn, can bring similar help and hope to many others.

Published June 14, 2013 at 12:00am PDT

There’s a saying in Africa: Walk a mile in their shoes, and you’ll know their story.

By coming alongside an entrepreneur like Emmanuel and equipping him with a small loan to start or expand a business, you’ll help him realize opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach: independence, stability, freedom from poverty, and even a chance to help others.

World Vision Micro offers loans to borrowers who would ordinarily be unable to secure traditional loans, often because of a lack of credit history or collateral. With that loan, they can start or expand a small business, bringing income for their families, as well as jobs and valuable services to the communities in which they live.

As their businesses grow and thrive, they’re able to pay back their loans, which are then recycled to help even more entrepreneurs in the same country — which means that an unlimited number of people and communities have the potential to receive help from a single loan!

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Two ways you can help

Thank God for the opportunity Emmanuel has received to find hope and stability through the loans he has received from World Vision. Pray for his continued success and that his business would thrive and offer a valuable service to members of his community.

Fund all or part of a microloan through World Vision. You can connect with an entrepreneur of your choice and equip him or her with the resources needed to start or expand a successful business. Just one loan can have immeasurable benefits for an entire family and community.