World Vision responds to Oklahoma wildfires

Update: Supplies are being deployed to local churches for distribution to those impacted by the disaster.

By Kathryn Reid and Mindy Mizell, World Vision U.S.
Published August 6, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

World Vision is partnering with Oklahoma churches to deliver relief supplies to families and children affected by sweeping wildfires. 

World Vision responds

World Vision is sending relief supplies to Noble and Luther, Oklahoma, to be distributed by church volunteers. Items include food, toiletries, and clothing. 

"It is devastating. We've already seen dozens of homes destroyed, but with fires still raging and temperatures back over 100 again, many more homes are still at risk," says Phyllis Freeman, World Vision's domestic disaster director, based in north Texas. "Families and children are being told to evacuate and leave immediately."

Drought fuel wildfires

Drought conditions continue to fuel Oklahoma wildfires that have burned 68,000 acres and destroyed more than 120 structures.

Among the worst hit was the town of Luther, about 25 miles from Oklahoma City, where 56 buildings were razed. Authorities are investigating if arson caused the blaze.  

Firefighters, who have battled 18 wildfires in the state, received a brief respite on Sunday when a cool front passed through, lowering temperatures as much as 25 degrees, the National Weather Service reported.  Hot, dry weather is expected to continue.  

Evacuation centers remain open for families who have lost their homes or been unable to return.

How you can help

Pray for children and families impacted by the wildfires. Pray that the fires would quickly cease and that churches and community leaders would come together to support their neighbors who have experienced loss.

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