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California: Church Leaders to 'Rethink' Ministry

The interactive exhibit, World Vision Experience: AIDS, will be highlighted at a groundbreaking conference with the world’s top Christian leaders.

November 2007

The Rethink Conference, featuring the World Vision Experience, will be held at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif., in January. Photo courtesy of
In mid-January, more than 2,500 church leaders will gather at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif., to tap into the insights of 30 global Christian leaders. This unprecedented Rethink Conference will reach an additional 20,000 participants through live satellite simulcasts in hundreds of churches across North America.

An Interactive Component

A highlight of the conference will be the opportunity for on-site participants to "step into Africa" through the World Vision Experience. This interactive exhibit allows participants to see, hear, and experience the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time: AIDS.

The Experience, touring in churches throughout the country, allows the American public to step into the lives of actual children affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa.

A Fresh Perspective

The purpose of the Rethink Conference is to bring new ideas and perspectives to American church leaders, challenging them to rethink the way they lead and conduct ministry. Hosted by Dr. Robert Schuller and Erwin McManus, presenters will include Chuck Colson, George H. Bush, Larry King, John Ortberg, Kay Warren, Lee Strobel, and many other influential Christian and global leaders. In addition, participants will have opportunities to brainstorm in "rethink tank" breakout sessions with these leaders.

The Rethink Conference is designed to cut across denominational lines to connect church leaders with some of today's top thinkers and influencers. As participants get inside the minds of these leaders in media, faith, science, business, and technology, they will have the opportunity to understand more about today's world and how their churches can respond with relevance.

Learn More

>> Read more about the Rethink Conference.

Two Ways You Can Help

>> Please pray for the upcoming Rethink Conference and for its presenters and participants. Pray that the conference will generate new and innovative ministry ideas for pastors and congregations, and pray that the World Vision Experience exhibit will touch the hearts and minds of all who attend.
>> Register now to attend the Rethink Conference on Jan. 17-19 in Garden Grove, Calif.

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