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Thanksgiving: The Great Tradition Continues

Children around the world are grateful beneficiaries of World Vision's food aid programs, including several here whose lives have been changed through the generosity of our donors.

November 2007

In Zimbabwe's Gwanda district, World Vision staff members greet hungry villagers, who are provided with a distribution of bulgar wheat, vegetable oil, and pinto beans — a welcome gift in this drought-ravaged region of Southern Africa. Across the globe, World Vision operates food aid programs to help reduce the incidence of malnutrition among children and families.
© 2007 Jon Warren/World Vision
It's hardly surprising that Thanksgiving remains an ever-popular holiday in the United States. If sitting down to a hearty meal of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie were not enough, the origins of the feasting warm the heart even more.

It's perfectly possible the early settlers of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts would not have survived the New World if Native Americans had not showed them how to hunt, fish, and grow corn. When the settlers subsequently had a bumper harvest, it was fitting for them to invite the native peoples to celebrate with them.

In addition to commemorating the day, each of us can continue the Thanksgiving tradition by working to help hungry children and families in this world. This mission calls us to bridge every kind of cultural divide, just as it did in the days of the early settlers.

There are few things more likely to promote goodwill than by sharing our food and the knowledge to acquire it, and few things are more likely to cheer a hungry child than a good meal.

Unique Stories

Children all around the world benefit from World Vision's food aid programs. Here are just a few examples:

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World Vision donors are making these success stories possible. Long may this great tradition continue.

Learn More

>> Read about recent severe food shortages in Southern Africa, fueled by prolonged drought in that region, and learn about World Vision's plans to assist hungry children and families there.
>> Get the facts about World Vision's food aid programs and our advocacy efforts for the world's hungry.

Three Ways You Can Help

>> This Thanksgiving, pray for hungry children and their families around the world, and for organizations like World Vision, whose programs work to bring food security and hope to these families.
>> Give monthly to help provide nutritious food for hungry children around the world. Become a Child Crisis Partner.
>> Advocate. Ask Congress to support food aid funding.

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