VIDEO: Waterborne illness now “a story of the past” for family

A father in Africa — who developed 37 scars through guinea worm from contaminated water — recounts how his family and others were crippled by the parasite. But when World Vision installed a clean water well, their troubles with waterborne disease became a mere memory.

Published November 3, 2011 at 12:00am PDT

Around the world, nearly 1 billion people, like this family in Ghana, lack access to a clean, safe source of water. The result is often a perpetual cycle of illness, poverty, and despair — all because of the absence of such a basic resource.

Simply equipping a community with clean water and effective sanitation can increase school enrollment, stimulate economic development, substantially reduce child mortality rates, and help families lift themselves out of poverty. Children who once had to spend hours traveling to a distant location to fetch unsafe water can instead use the time for more productive purposes — like acquiring an education.

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