VIDEO: Sponsorship makes world a little smaller

World Vision sponsor Karen Flessland shares about her experience traveling to Senegal to meet her sponsored child, 9-year-old Amy.

Published September 15, 2011 at 12:00am PDT

“Often, people ask me, ‘How do you know there’s a real child there?’” says Karen. “Well, that’s easy for me to answer. I’ve met her!”

Karen also notes the unique perspective she gained by visiting Amy’s community and observing the improvements — like clean water, healthcare, and education — made possible by the presence of the sponsorship program.

“In the letters, she always says, ‘I hope this relationship will be eternal,’” adds Karen. “And I do, too!”

Sponsor a child today in Senegal, or another country of your choice. Sponsorship places a sustainable investment in the future of a boy or girl in need — while establishing a meaningful relationship between a sponsor and child who will know your name and experience your love and support.

You can also make a one-time gift to our Sponsorship Ministry Fund, which helps meet the needs of children who are still waiting for sponsors. Your donation will help provide these children with many of the same benefits offered by sponsorship — like food, clean water, education, and more.