VIDEO: ‘Without this gift, I could not live’

This Easter season, we celebrate donors who have given gifts that offer hope and new life to children, families, and communities in need around the world — like Chooti the cow, a special gift to a family in Sri Lanka that provides nutrition and income where there was once poverty and despair.

Published March 21, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

Last December, World Vision’s True Spirit of Christmas team visited families in Sri Lanka and Zambia whose lives have been changed by gifts donated through the World Vision Gift Catalog.

One mother in Sri Lanka, Irangani, shared her story of how a cow named Chooti has provided renewed hope and stability for her family. She recalls how she previously struggled to feed her children, and how sending them to school was out of the question.

But with Chooti’s fresh milk, the family now has a source of nutrition for the children — and a steady income, thanks to the extra milk they can sell.

Irangani’s story is one example of the hope and new life that symbolizes the Easter season, thanks to the support of generous donors.

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