World Vision launches iPhone app

“World Vision Now” app brings global news, videos, and more right to your iPhone.

By Eugene Lee. Edited by Shawna Templeton.
Published January 13, 2012 at 12:00am PST

Get World Vision news and updates at your fingertips with the new iPhone app.World Vision has released a new iPhone app  — “World Vision Now”  — a personal passport to learn about global issues and hear from voices seldom heard on local news.

It’s now available in Apple’s app store for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

World Vision news and updates at your fingertips

Through the app, users can find updates on humanitarian emergency news and follow stories often overlooked by mainstream media. 

At World Vision Now, readers can:

>>Read about the struggles and triumphs of children and families in the developing world
>>Discover opportunities for advocacy action
>>Witness World Vision’s work through award-winning documentary photography
>>Watch videos and post them to social networks

Opportunities to donate to relief efforts for the latest humanitarian crisis will be forthcoming. Plans are underway for other mobile platforms, such as Android.

How to download the app

Search “World Vision Now” in the App Store, or download the app from iTunes right now.