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Our Impact

Poverty is complex, and so are our solutions.

With 46,000 staff members worldwide, we bring sponsors and donors alongside children and communities in nearly 100 countries. The map below shows our work across issues — from health to disaster response — integrating lasting solutions to the root causes of poverty and sharing God’s hope for a brighter future. And we stretched donations with grants and corporate gifts-in-kind to make every dollar donated achieve $1.28 in impact.

4.3 million children benefiting from sponsorship

4.3 million children benefiting from sponsorship

In 2014, U.S. donors sponsored 1.2 million of these children; World Vision donors worldwide sponsored the rest.

1,650 communities served

1,650 communities served

404 of these programs were supported by U.S. donors in 2013; the rest were supported by World Vision donors worldwide in 2013.

80 major disaster and emergency responses

80 major disaster and emergency responses

Achievements made possible in 2014 thanks to World Vision donors worldwide.

These accomplishments around the world represent a sample of World Vision's work at a community or country level.
Visit My World Vision for more information on your sponsored child's specific community.

Our Areas of Impact

Our Impact: Clean Water | World Vision

Clean Water

The foundation of life, health, and freedom from poverty

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Our Impact: Child Protection | World Vision

Child Protection

Preventing child trafficking, child labor, exploitation, abuse, and neglect

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Our Impact: Disaster Relief | World Vision

Disaster Relief

Life-saving emergency relief and long-term response

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Our Impact: Economic Development | World Vision

Economic Development

Financial empowerment for communities

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Our Impact: Education | World Vision


Equipping children for a future of opportunity

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Our Impact: Food & Agriculture | World Vision

Food & Agriculture

Building food security; fighting hunger and malnutrition

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Our Impact: Health | World Vision


Promoting well-being for children, families, and communities

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Our Impact: U.S. Work | World Vision

U.S. Work

Assisting and empowering our American neighbors

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Our Impact: Our Faith | World Vision

Our Faith

Following Jesus’ example through our global work

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Our Impact: Gender | World Vision


Promoting gender equality to bring fullness of life for all

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