Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.

For $39 a month, you'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty.

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Sponsoring a child means a fuller life for kids in need

A monthly gift of $39 provides your child and their community with life-changing opportunities like these:

How child sponsorship works

1. You find a child you want to help

Look forward to the first letter from your child within 6-12 weeks. It’s the start of a one-on-one relationship, and a fuller life for both of you.

Sponsored child Bedal, a 9-year-old special needs boy living in Delhi, India who loves to draw.

2. Your gift helps your sponsored child and their entire community

Your donation combines with gifts from all other sponsors who support kids in the same area. Translation? Long-term resources for everyone. Nice!

Nearly 200 sponsored children in Mexico celebrate their birthday for the first time at a community birthday celebration.

3. Local staff makes your donations go the extra mile

Children don’t get direct cash benefits. Better yet, our staff creates a sustainable plan for funds that keeps communities out of poverty, even once we’ve moved on to help friends living in another area.

Asmiru has worked for World Vision Senegal for 6 years, and is a trusted advisor, advocate and friend to the Paroumba community.

4. Stay connected for the important moments

The My World Vision digital experience let’s you get regular updates, track community progress, and view photos and videos of your child. You can even send them a letter through email.

What you get

  • Welcome packet with child information
  • Yearly child photos
  • Regular mailed updates and letters
  • My World Vision digital experience: gives you the ability to email and track progress of your child and their community

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