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Sponsor a child and change a child’s world for good.

My name is {{child.firstName}}

I'm a {{child.age}}-year-old {{child.gender | gender}} from {{child.country}}, and you can change my world for good!

Make me part of your family, and help me reach my God-given potential. $39 a month can help transform my community and change my world.

This is my world in {{child.country}}

My community is struggling with the HIV AIDS crisis.

Many children have lost their parents.

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World Vision brings access to quality education

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What kind of family did you grow up with?

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I'll be {{child.age | nextAge}} this year!

Every year we have a birthday party for all children in my community!

This is where I live!

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World Vision is helping parents become better providers for their families

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Playing helps me to just be a child

Sponsor a child. It's the most effective way to change my world.

When you sponsor a child like me for $39 a month, you'll join with other sponsors, grants, product donations, and other donors to help my community address the root causes of poverty. Together we’ll make a sustainable plan to bring:

Access to clean, safe water

Access to clean, safe water and sanitation to keep me from getting sick

Improved nutrition and basic healthcare

Healthy food and basic healthcare to protect me from preventable diseases

Child sponsorship helps provide quality education that can help break the cycle of poverty

Quality education. Going to school can release me from the cycle of poverty

God's love shown to me in tangible ways by caring staff

God’s love shown to me in tangible ways by caring staff and hope for a better future

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What if {{child.firstName}} was your child?

Watch Megan's Sponsorship Story

"There's this part of me that wonders what it must be like to be a mom in 'those places' [...] and yet at the core, we want the exact same thing for our kids."

I'd love to be part of your family

Help change my world in {{child.country}} by choosing to be my sponsor and my friend!

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