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Ugandan Water and Sanitation

Communities in Amuru, Uganda, are struggling to rebuild after years of conflict that ravaged their villages. Community members identified access to clean water as a top priority. Currently, families there have no choice but to drink contaminated water that carries diseases such as cholera and hepatitis E. Most children in the area — already burdened by malnutrition — struggle with intestinal parasites.

World Vision has been working in northern Uganda for more than 20 years. Through this new Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project, World Vision will provide community members with boreholes for clean water and educate them about proper hygiene and sanitation, empowering them to lead healthy, productive lives.

The goal is to increase access to clean water and improve overall community health. This will be done by repairing existing water facilities, constructing latrines in community schools, installing borehole wells outfitted with hand pumps, and equipping local committees to maintain the boreholes. In addition, community members will be given tools and training in how to build their own latrines and stay healthy. The Amuru Community Recovery program will benefit 2,400 people and last three to five years, transitioning into a full development program that includes child sponsorship. These war-torn communities will finally be equipped to thrive.

Outlive Your Life

Join Max as he makes a significant impact on helping to bring clean water to Ugandans.

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