You can help one child after another escape a life of horror.
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"World Vision has been one of God's best partners. It has helped bring peace and reconciliation in so many parts of God's hurting world."

—Desmond Tutu,
Winner of the 1984 Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Become a Child Crisis Partner

Children in the greatest need

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$ per month

Millions of children worldwide desperately need help. These children live a nightmare, facing issues such as abuse, exploitation, forced labor, rape, and abandonment.

For $20 a month, you can help one child after another escape a life of horror.

World Vision will use your monthly support to help the world's most vulnerable children. We provide resources such as safe shelter for children who have been abandoned, orphaned, abducted, and exploited; nutritious food for children affected by famine, AIDS, armed conflict, and neglect; and counseling, health care, and recovery assistance for children who have survived sexual abuse, enslavement, the horrors of war, and other atrocities.

Together we can help save them, one
by one. Become a Child Crisis Partner today.

Our Promise to You
At World Vision, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do — because we recognize that every resource entrusted to us can transform real children's lives.

As part of our stewardship, we optimize resources and distribute them where they are needed most.

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