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You can help one child after another escape a life of horror.

"It's almost impossible to comprehend the suffering exploited and abused children experience around the world. Like so many people, I want to help. I want them to feel like kids again — with a sense of safety and hope for the future. World Vision is addressing those needs."
—Patricia Heaton
Emmy-award winning actress, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

"God is with the vulnerable and the poor. That, I believe, is what God is doing. And that is what He’s calling us to do."
Lead singer of the band, U2

Children suffering from hunger

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$ per month

With surging food prices, child malnutrition, violent unrest, and the prospect of prolonged food shortages, the poorest populations — especially children — are the most severely affected. Around the world, 14,000 children younger than 5 die every day from hunger. The need is urgent.

For $20 a month, you can help save children's lives.

Every month you'll provide critical basics like nutritious food and agricultural assistance to benefit children in greatest need. When famine results from an unforeseen occurrence, we respond quickly to provide these life-saving essentials. Plus, we work long-term with communities worldwide to develop improved agricultural programs — helping them overcome hunger and provide a promising future for their children.

Together we can help save them, one
by one. Become a Child Crisis Partner today.

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