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Your gift today will help provide necessary supplies to the children and families affected by the Mozambique floods

Tropical depression "Delfina", a devastating mix of torrential rain and strong winds, swept across northern and central Mozambique early in January this year. The floods left over 100,000 people homeless.

The storm wiped out roads and bridges, which severely disrupted communications and hampered relief efforts. A resident in the provincial capital in Nampula described the situation as “close to total chaos”.

Mozambique’s latest natural disaster compounds the problems of the food shortages already affecting the country. You can help the people of Mozambique by donating today.

Yes! I'll help the children and families in Mozambique.

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The minimum donation we can accept by credit card on this website is $10. For donations less than $10, or to donate by check, please mail your donation by check or money order, along with a copy of this form, to:

World Vision
P.O. Box 78481
Tacoma, WA 98481-8481

Thank you!