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Patricio Cuevas is World Vision’s Communications Manager in Banda Aceh in Indonesia. He are a few of his observations following the March 28 8.7 earthquake.
First Hand Account of the Banda Aceh Earthquake

"I’m scared, but I’m OK. We felt this massive quake. It was very long — it felt like two minutes, or more. Our house was shaking. Cars were dancing. We ran outside. It was a horrible situation. The buildings were shaking a lot. People were screaming, running away.

I do not think we have any injuries or deaths. But I am not sure yet. Since the tsunami, this was the worst quake.

We lost electricity for more than an hour. Many parts of the city are still without power, as of about two in the morning.

There are no plans yet to evacuate World Vision staff. Our security staff are investigating our buildings. People are still very, very scared ...”

Below is information about World Vision's work helping victims of the Asia earthquake and typhoons. For more information, please contact World Vision's media relations staff at the numbers and addresses listed at the bottom of this page.

Press Releases
More Information
1-7-2005 - World Vision Implements Programs to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Exploitation in the Wake of the Tsunami

1-3-2005 - World Vision responds to President Bush's call for individuals to take action to help tsunami survivors

12-31-2004 - World Vision president announces airlifts to South Asia

12-31-2004 - A Record $50 Million Committed to Relief Effort

12-29-2004 - Top 10 Myths

12-28-2004 - Notes from the Disaster Zone

12-28-2004 - From 'Do-Gooders' to Better Organized Relief Professionals

12-27-2004 - Relief officials fear disease from rotting corpses

12-27-2004 - World Vision staff head to Asia for earthquake/tsunami response

12-27-2004 - World Vision launches response to tsunami devastation

12-26-2004 - World Vision mounts massive response death toll exceeds 10,000 in Asia

12-29-2004 Christianity Today - Tsunami Survivors Desparate for Aid

12-28-2004 NPR - Indian Coastal Villages Empty in Tsunami's Wake
12-27-2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Northwest Prepares to Launch Aid Efforts
12-27-2004 Voice of America News - Asians Coping with Aftermath of Earthquake, Tsunamis
12-27-2004 NPR News - Tsunami Relief Efforts
12-26-2004 BBC News - Relief Teams Head for Quake Zone

Contacts-Media Inquiries Only

Dean Owen - (253) 815-2103 (office); (888) 734-8938 (pager)
Sheryl Watkins - (253) 815-2246 (office);(888) 787-3056 (pager)
Brian Peterson - (407) 445-6484 (office); (407) 491-2399 (cell phone)
Amy Parodi - (253) 815-2386 (office); (253) 709-3190 (cell)
All other queries, please contact 888-56-CHILD or info@worldvision.org

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