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Somalia emergency

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Latest press releases

03/25/2008Somalia crisis deteriorates, aid agencies warn
11/13/2007World Vision assisting thousands
fleeing violence in Mogadishu
10/30/2007International NGOs struggling to respond to Somalia’s unfolding humanitarian catastrophe

Somalia crisis deteriorates, aid agencies warn

The crisis engulfing Somalia has deteriorated dramatically, while access to people in need continues to decrease: 360,000 people have been newly displaced and an additional half a million people are reliant on humanitarian assistance.

There are now more than 1 million internally displaced people in Somalia. Intense conflict in Mogadishu continues to force an average of 20,000 people from their homes each month. This, combined with record high food prices, hyperinflation and drought in large parts of the country, is leaving communities struggling to survive. Extreme water and food shortages are expected to worsen across the country if the seasonal rains (April - June) fail, as experts are predicting.

As the crisis worsens, Somali and international aid agencies are unable to respond adequately to the needs. Read more...

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World Vision is delivering urgently needed food, water, medicine, cooking equipment, shelter, blankets, mosquito nets and psychosocial support to displaced people in the Bay and Bakool regions.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

Humanitarian needs may escalate in the coming weeks, with the advent of Somalia’s rainy season, a period when diarrhea and cholera present serious health risks to children.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

When disaster strikes, contact us for expert interviews, photos, b-roll and other resources.

Photo gallery

World Vision is responding in the Bakool and Bay regions, where some 35,000 people—half of them children—have traveled hundreds of miles to find sanctuary from the violence in the Somali capital.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

World Vision is calling for safe humanitarian access for international aid workers—so that more assistance can reach innocent civilians who are suffering from the effects of fighting, flooding and drought.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

Fauma Hassan (right) does not know the fate of the rest of her family: “... I tried finding them but the fighting was so intense that we fled without them.”
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

World Vision has treated dozens of patients suffering from an outbreak of acute watery diarrhea, which has already killed several children.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

“The new arrivals from Mogadishu are living in overcrowded shanties or huts, and many didn’t have time to pack any belongings,” says Ibrahim Dima, a regional coordinator for World Vision Somalia.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

World Vision has operated in Somalia since 1992, focusing on health, education, advocacy, food security, water and sanitation and emergency response interventions.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

The agency’s assessment team has also observed serious cases of trauma in women and children, stemming from their war experiences in Mogadishu.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision
The victims of this renewed fighting are mostly destitute women and children who are at a high risk to all forms of abuse.
Photo by Nancy Okwengu/World Vision

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World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

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