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World Vision is preparing to help Iraqis rebuild their lives.

As soon as security conditions permit, World Vision’s emergency response team will distribute blankets, medicines and medical equipment, clothes, hygiene items, cooking sets and transport vehicles to Iraqis in the northeastern region of Nineveh. World Vision also will work with the World Food Program to distribute food to some 250,000 Iraqis there.

World Vision staff have been based in Amman, Jordan for more than six months, preparing to help Iraqis affected by the war.

Below is information about World Vision’s programs and expert staff in the region as well as photo, video and audio resources. For more information, please contact World Vision’s media relations staff at the numbers and addresses listed at the bottom of this page.

Downloadable Interviews


March 24, 2003 - English interview with World Vision Emergency Relief Communications Manager in Jordan, Steve Matthews. - Click here for transcript

March 24, 2003 - Spanish interview with World Vision Senior Relief Officer in Jordan, Doris Knoechel - Click here for transcript

March 24, 2003 - Ar Ruwayshid refugee camp near the Jordan/Iraq border

March 20, 2003 - Relief supplies heading to Gaza from World Vision Jerusalem

March 14, 2003 - Arrival and unloading of relief supplies from Brindisi, Italy to Amman, Jordan

March 13, 2003 - Loading and departure of relief supplies from Brindisi, Italy to Amman, Jordan

Photos from inside Iraq taken during a 1999 trip


Press Releases

Ian Curtis
Al Dwyer
Jules Frost
Isabel Gomes - English or Spanish
Doris Knoechel - English or Spanish
Heather MacLeod
Steve Matthews
Rich Moseanko
Dave Robinson
Matt Scott
Dan Simmons
Ton van Zutphen

World Vision in the News
9/10/03 - Tribnet - World Vision Takes a Brave Stand in Iraq

4/16/03 - Denver Post - Local aid workers heading to Iraq

3/26/03 - Tri-City Herald - Relief Groups Wanting to Aid Iraqis

3/24/03 - Post-Gazette.com - In Sewickly, supplies build up for Iraqi refugees

07-30-2003 - Toys donated to Oklahoma City memorial leaving Denver for Iraqi children

06-03-2003 - World Vision convoy to deliver aid kits to more than 3,000 Iraqi families

04-30-2003 - World Vision Delivers Relief to Iraqi Hospital Pounded by Bombs

04-18-2003 - World Vision Develops Contingency Plans for Iraq aid strategy

04-10-2003 - World Vision Relief Supplies Leaving Denver for Iraq

03-31-2003 - World Vision Despliega Alivio para la Guerra en las Fronteras de Irak Anticipándose al Conflicto

03-31-2003 - World Vision deploys war relief at Iraqi borders

03-28-2003 - Relief supplies from around the globe head to the Middle East

03-26-2003 - Truck of relief supplies head to Syria

03-21-2003 - Clothing to aid displaced Iraqis departs Sewickley

03-21-2003 - Refugees trickle out of Iraq; flood expected as war goes on

03-17-2003 - World Vision readies aid for Palestinian families in the event of an Iraq war

03-12-2003 - Relief supplies airlifted to Jordan for possible refugee crisis

03-11-2003 - IRAQ: World Vision ready to bring aid in event of conflict

02-13-2003 - ‘Iraqi children at grave risk of starvation, disease, death’

02-05-2003 - Study finds war would be devastating for children of Iraq

01-28-2003 - 'Sanctions and embargo continue to strangle Iraq,' reports World Vision regional relief manager


Elaine Bole - (202) 608-1842 (office); (703) 932-7189 (cell phone)
Sheryl Watkins - (253) 815-2246 (office); (888) 787-3056 (pager)
Amy Turner - (253) 815-2386 (office); (888) 731-4654 (pager)

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Click one of the above links for B-roll (raw footage) of our transport jet being loaded with relief supplies.

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