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More than 200,000 Liberians have been displaced from their homes in and around the capita, Monrovia. For 14 years, the West African country has been torn by civil war and government corruption. However, since early June, rebel organizations have intensified attacks against the government of Charles Taylor in Monrovia and the port town of Buchanan. In that time, an estimated 1,000 Liberian civilians have been killed. August 4, West African troops began to arrive in Liberia.

Currently, World Vision’s international staff have been evacuated from the country, while its Liberian staff members remain trapped in their homes. Food stocks are dwindling, clean water is unavailable, and militia members continue to maintain control of the city’s streets. As a result, all Liberians in Monrovia, including World Vision staff members, face trauma, hunger, disease and displacement.

Security concerns have resulted in the suspension of nearly all of World Vision’s work in Liberia, including emergency food distribution in Monrovia, in coordination with the World Food Program. The only project that remains operational is a health clinic in Monrovia’s largest displacement camp.

Below is information about World Vision's programs and staff experts on Liberia. For more information, please contact World Vision's media relations staff at the numbers and addresses listed at the bottom of this page.

Press Releases
Downloadable Interviews
10-02-2003 Aid Workers in Monrovia on High Alert Following Fighting, U.S. Withdrawal

08-21-2003 World Vision to Airlift Emergency Supplies to Liberia

08-18-2003 Relief Charter Sinks; More Aid En Route to Hopeful Liberians

08-06-2003 World Vision Responds to Great Need Inside Liberia

08-01-2003 Liberia: Fighting Escalates, Humanitarian Situation Deteriorates

07-30-2003 Relief supplies en route to Liberia, despite uncertainties

07-21-2003 WV relief worker evacuated from Liberia

07-07-2003 Aid efforts continue as Liberian conflict rages

06-09-2003 - Liberian aid work continues as rebels surround capital

July 29, 2003 - Interview with Africa Relief Coordinator from Freetown, Sierra Leone, Eleanor Monbiot

At a glance: World Vision in Liberia

Nigel Marsh
Dan Ole Shani
Dr. Joe Riverson
Eleanor Monbiot
Steve Matthews
Rich Moseanko
Kevin Cook

VideoWorld Vision in the News
June 19, 2003 - Footage shot by Paul Comti at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium in Monrovia, site of the city’s largest camp for displaced people.

June 19, 2003 – Interview with World Vision communications officer Macaulay Paykue shot by Paul Comti at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium.

09-24-2003 Mission Network News - Liberia Strives for Peace; Believers Deliver

09-03-2003 Mission Network News - Chaos Reigns in Liberia

08-20-2003 Seattle Times - Harrowing Tale of Shipwreck off African Coast Recounted

08-15-2003 LA Times - Liberians Exult as U.S. Marines Come Ashore

07-31-2003 NPR Morning Edition - U.S. Seeks Multinational Force in Liberia

Seattle PI - Local Relief Agencies Stalled in Liberia

07-21-2003 WBURG - Liberia Rebels Push Ahead

07-22-2003 SFGate.com - 90 Die in Fight to Take Liberian Capital

07-22-2003 Ireland Online - Liberia Civil War Claims 90 Lives

07-22-2003 WNYC - Chaos, Killing Rock Capital of Liberia


Dean Owen - (253) 815-2103 (office); (888) 734-8938 (pager)
Sheryl Watkins - (253) 815-2246 (office);(888) 787-3056 (pager)
Elaine Bole - (202) 608-1842 (office); (703) 932-7189 (cell phone)
Brian Peterson - (407) 445-6484 (office); (407) 491-2399 (cell phone)
Amy Turner - (253) 815-2386 (office); (888) 731-4654 (pager)

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