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World Vision at the XVII International AIDS Conference.

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Geraldine Ryerson-Cruz
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Press releases

08/08/2008Progress slow at facing children’s needs at Mexico City AIDS meeting
08/07/2008Global food crisis threatens HIV control in Latin America, rest of world
08/01/2008International AIDS Conference an “expensive talking shop” unless more done for children
08/01/2008Church has role in ‘Great Advance’ against AIDS pandemic, says leading cleric

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The bi-yearly International AIDS Conference is one of the world's top forums for advancing the international community's collective response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

World Vision has specialists attending the IAC from around the world who aim to raise the profile of children's needs on the global AIDS agenda, too often overlooked at events like this. We want to show that children, families and communities can and should play a major role in the response and that sufficient resources must be channeled to communities to make this possible.

Resources for journalists

  • Will universal action now include children?(PDF, 919 KB)
    In this document, you will find an overview of the current situation of children living with, orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS, as well as international commitments on support and protection for orphans and vulnerable children. You will also read about World Vision’s global HIV and AIDS programming approaches, World Vision calls on governments and donors with respect to children and HIV and AIDS, and a summary of World Vision’s activities at the International AIDS Conference and pre-conferences.
  • Research results from child focused, faith and community-based responses to HIV(PDF, 687 KB)
    This report presents operations research findings from Uganda and Zambia on World Vision’s main project models for HIV and AIDS response in higher prevalence contexts as well as research abstracts on other innovative program approaches and research from World Vision programs around the world.

  • World Vision's Channels of Hope methodology: Empowering local faith communities in their HIV response (PDF: 542 Kb)
    Channels of Hope (CoH), one of World Vision’s main project models for HIV and AIDS response, is a methodology to mobilize the infrastructure, organizational capacity, pool of current and potential volunteers, and unmatched moral authority of local churches and faith communities toward positive action on HIV and AIDS. This flyer outlines the Channels of Hope process and results from the field.

The AIDS pandemic is far from over and its impact on the lives of children is serious and growing worse.

Children made up a larger percentage of people living with HIV and of new infections in 2007 than in 2001 and are much less likely than adults to have access to life saving treatment.

Children who are orphaned or vulnerable due to AIDS are less likely than their peers to have adequate education, food or medical treatment and are more likely to suffer from abuse and psychological trauma.

At the IAC, World Vision will co-host a satellite session on strategies to promote and sustain psychosocial well being for caregivers and children affected by AIDS. World Vision is also a sponsor of the child-focused preconference “Children and HIV and AIDS: Action Now, Action How” and will have three main plenary speakers in the Ecumenical pre-conference "Faith in Action Now!".

Meet some of our spokespeople at IAC 2008

Global AIDS response

Martha Newsome, M.P.H., Senior Director of Global Health and HIV and AIDS Initiatives
Scaling up a global, child-focused and community-based response to AIDS, international public health issues

Based in South Africa
Jane Njeri Chege, Ph.D. Global Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Hope Initiative
Operations research, scaling up responses across sub-Saharan African countries

Based in Zambia
Stefan Germann, Leader, Models of Learning, World Vision International
Best practices, needs of orphans and vulnerable children including psychosocial support

Based in South Africa
Rev. Christo Greyling, South Africa: Global Advisor for Channels of Hope (HIV and faith partnerships)
Working with faith leaders and HIV+ clergy to end stigma and build community responses

Based in South Africa
Lincoln Ndogoni, HIV/ AIDS Regional Psychosocial Advisor, World Vision International.
Psychosocial support for children and adults living with or affected by HIV, Interpersonal Therapy Groups
Based in Kenya

Foreign aid advocacy

Stuart Kean, Senior HIV and AIDS Policy Adviser, World Vision International
Global AIDS funding priorities, G8, Millennium Development Goals, multilateral advocacy
Based in the U.K.

Regional HIV & AIDS directors

Ramon Soto, M.D., M.H.S: Latin American and the Caribbean

Based in Costa Rica
Marine Adamyan, D.V.M., M.P.H.: Middle East and Eastern Europe

Based in Armenia
Mesfin Loha, M.D.: Africa

Based in Kenya
Kyi Minn, M.B.B.S., M.P.H.: Asia-PacificBased in Australia

Who Is World Vision?

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

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Steve Panton
Executive Director
Media Relations
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Rachel Wolff
Disaster Response

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Cynthia Colin
International Affairs
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John Yeager
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Dean Owen
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"Experience: AIDS" Tour
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