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Economic development

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The need

Nearly half the world’s people live in grinding poverty—surviving on less than $2 a day. To feed, educate and provide health care for their children, hardworking parents need a way to boost their incomes.

They may try to sell shoes in the market or start a sewing business. But without collateral or credit history, traditional banks won’t provide the small loans they need for their business to succeed.

To break out of poverty, the enterprising poor require the same resources as every determined entrepreneur—access to capital and practical training.

Leap Hong’s family suffered from chronic hunger and poor health in their Cambodian village. A small loan from World Vision enabled Leap to increase her harvests and send her son to school.

World Vision’s response

Work means dignity for parents. It means food, health care and education for their children. And with clients repaying at a rate of 98 percent, World Vision has proven that microloans to the poor are a smart investment.

    Community lending—Loan circles of 20 to 30 borrowers allow the poorest entrepreneurs to obtain credit by guaranteeing each other’s loans. Members develop leadership and a sense of pride through weekly meetings that offer training and prayer support.

    Larger loans—Successful repayment of smaller loans makes clients eligible for larger individual loans, helping them to grow their businesses and employ others in the community.

    Business coaching—World Vision’s staff provide eager entrepreneurs with coaching in accounting, marketing and management, all based on biblical and ethical business principles.

    Community needs—To truly escape the cycle of poverty, poor entrepreneurs need access to clean water, stable food sources, health care and education for their families. World Vision offers microloans, along with these life-saving interventions, in more communities each year in order to bring lasting

    Local and international marketsWorld Vision advocates and finds partners for poor entrepreneurs so they can overcome rural isolation, unfair trade practices and logistical barriers to wider markets.

    TechnologyWorld Vision identifies tools and technology that may not be available locally—such as new plant varieties— and helps business owners purchase what they need using microloans.

    InformationJust like any business owner, the poor need information to run their small enterprises well. World Vision helps launch other small businesses and partnerships, such as cell phone services, that can provide access to information.

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    Who Is World Vision?

    World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

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