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World Vision's Work in the U.S.

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Latest Press Releases
04/23/2008Struggling students learn boxing skills, life lessons from child soldier ...

What are the challenges?
Some of the most heartbreaking poverty in the world is found right here in America. Nearly 13 million U.S. children are growing up in impoverished conditions because their families have difficulty meeting basic needs that most Americans take for granted.

Many of these low-income families are struggling just to survive. Often, their streets are plagued by drugs, gangs and crime. Health care is out of reach for many who fight just to put food on the table. And lack of educational opportunities results in a vicious cycle that keeps families in poverty for generations.

Unmet emotional and spiritual needs can also limit children’s potential. Without the presence of caring adults in their lives, young people may never learn to set goals or make the right life choices—concluding that crime, violence or despair are their only options.
World Vision is helping children in 10 impoverished U.S. communities.
World Vision is helping children in 10 impoverished U.S. communities build a promising future.

Fast facts

One in five children in America lives in poverty—nearly 13 million in all—and this number continues to rise. Source: U.S. Census Bureau
High school students living in low income families are six times as likely to drop out of school. Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation
Every four minutes a child or youth is arrested for drug abuse. Source: Children's Defense Fund
800,000 children are homeless, increasing their chance of illness, abuse and missed schooling. Source: Annie E Casey Foundation

World Vision's Response
To enable children to overcome the devastating effects of poverty and reach their full potential, World Vision works with communities to build a rich network of resources, people and opportunities that can help children thrive. We do this by concentrating on five integrated focus areas in which deep and long-lasting impact can be made in children’s lives.

    Education and youth developmentWorld Vision trains youth workers and volunteers to help young people succeed in school and in life. These caring relationships help children and teens develop the life skills, character and resilience needed to overcome poverty and give back to their community. World Vision also partners with local churches and organizations to provide safe places where children and teens can find after-school programs, job skills training, recreational activities,and Christian youth events.

    Health and safetyWorld Vision coordinates anti-gang initiatives, substance abuse counseling, HIV-prevention education, referral services and other projects that work together to protect and nurture young people. We also help children stay healthy by providing immunizations and exams at health fairs, running sports camps and distributing medical supplies to local health clinics.

    Essential suppliesWorld Vision provides top-quality donated products to families in need through local churches and organizations. World Vision’s Storehouse supplies resources like building materials to renovate deteriorating houses, school supplies to promote learning and everyday necessities to help families in need experience hope again.

    Leadership developmentWorld Vision helps create lasting change by strengthening the current and future leaders in a community. Our specialized, practical training helps churches and faith-based organizations nurture community leadership, deliver effective services and design programs that help lift families out of poverty.

    Connecting community resourcesWorld Vision serves hurting communities by helping local leaders and organizations come together to maximize their impact. We encourage strategic partnerships and provide opportunities for collaboration. We also connect leaders through forums like pastors’ breakfasts, “meet the- neighbors” events, volunteer training sessions and product distributions at World Vision’s Storehouse locations.

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Who Is World Vision?

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

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