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Facts Sheet

Read About World Vision’s work helping those affected by AIDS.

The number of people living with AIDS worldwide now totals more than 40 million—the populations of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Almost 22 million people—equal to the population of New York state—have died worldwide, almost 4 million of them children.

AIDS Related Press Releases

11/25/02 - Not Much to Celebrate in New Barna Survey

11/25/02 - Soft Economy Hardens Hearts for AIDS Crisis

07/12/02 - WV statement regarding the conclusion of the 14th annual AIDS conference

07/12/02 - "15 Million People will Contract HIV This Year"

07/11/02 - "AIDS & Hunger A Deadly Combination"

07/10/02 - U.S. support vital

07/09/02 - "Asian Aids a demograhic timebomb" says WV doctor at Barcelona conference

07/08/02 - "Women's Lack of Power a Significant Factor in Africa's AIDS Crisis"

07/06/02 - 'Mobilize Churches in Fight Against AIDS' Says World Vision Presenter at Barcelona AIDS Conference

07/01/02 - Leading Christian humanitarian aid organization mobilizes against the HIV/AIDS pandemic

07/01/02 - World Vision and AIDS 2002 World Conference - Barcelona, July 7-12

06/02/02 - Children Affected by HIV/AIDS: Compassionate Care

Online AIDS resources

Click here for more information on the international AIDS crisis.

World Vision in the News

Millions of Children at Risk in Africa
Mission News Network

"Combat AIDS in Africa with Sexual Equality"
Baltimore Sun

"Mercy Impaired" -

"AIDS in Africa: The Eve of Destruction" -

"Tackling AIDS in Africa" -

"The AIDS Epidemic: How Should We Respond?" -

AIDS Experts

Click here to link to bios of World Vision staff with expertise in dealing with the worldwide AIDS Crisis

Dr. Sri Chander
Dr. Zari Gill
Dr. Hector Jalipa
Dr. Kyi Minn
Martha Holley Newsome
Dr. Kwasi Poku Nimo
Dr. Joe Riverson

Richard Stearns
Ken Casey
Heather MacLeod
Robby Muhumuza
Milton Amayun
Mark Lorey
Marwin Meier
Rev. Gideon Byamugisha
Christo Greyling
Ethel Kaypepye
Nigel Marsh
Richard Wamimbi

World Vision Today Magazine

Summer 2002

"Left Behind"
"The Hope Bearers"
"World Vision's Hope"
"The Path of AIDS: A Child's Journey"
"On Topic with Stephen Lewis"


Click here to download World Vision photos concerning the AIDS crisis.

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WorldView (60-second commentaries with Rich Stearns, President, World Vision, U.S.)
AIDS: 13 million childen without parents

Jessye Norman on children orphaned by AIDS

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