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This document is archived material.
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Rwanda/Africa map
***Rwanda's estimated 65,000 child-headed households remain a bitter legacy five years after the 1994 genocide in which nearly a million people perished. World Vision is caring for many of these 300,000 orphaned children.

Read about Jessica Novak's crusade to help the children of Rwanda:

On our site

On Channel One

20/20 Special Feature on Child headed households in Rwanda (airdate 7/28/99)

World Vision Today magazine:
Home Alone in Rwanda
Feature story by Karen Homer
Photos by Jon Warren

Rwanda: Signs of Hope
by Karen Homer

The Struggle to Recover
***Rwanda Today: The Struggle to Recover

Latest news and information on the continuing crisis in Rwanda and on humanitarian relief and development efforts.

Special Edition: World Vision Insider

Crisis Background

Resources for learning more about the situation in Rwanda, including audio/video files, previous news reports, and reading lists.
***Crisis Background

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Your donation can help supply orphans in Rwanda with much needed food, educational assistance, and supplies. To get even more directly involved in the lives of needy children in Africa, explore the possibility of sponsoring a child in Malawi or Ethiopia. View our Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information on you can help.





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