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"World View" is a set of 60-second radio spots by Rich Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., which have been converted to Real Media audio commentaries for the Web.

We invite you to use these spots for quick global updates for your church, or to send to your friends and acquaintances as an e-mail attachment. You will need a multimedia player of some sort. (Click here to get one for free.)

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ARCHIVES (Before July 2003)
May 2003
  • What next for Iraq?
  • Things that go boom in the night (Iraq)
  • A bridge between East and West (Jordan)
  • Conflict diamond legislation passes (U.S./Africa)
  • Leaving memories behind (Africa)
  • A mother's dream (Congo)
  • Pride and joy (Philippines)
  • Who's doing the housework? (World)
  • Giving honor to the dead (AIDS)
  • Givaldo's well (Brazil)
  • The 'unloveliest' boy (Myanmar)
  • The yellow hill of life (Cambodia)
  • Happy birthday to Mexican children
  • When a child dies (Guatemala)
  • Giving and receiving the gif of life (U.S.)
February 2003
  • Sacrificial Love (U.S.)
  • Bees make a killer cup of coffee (Honduras)
  • What love can do (U.S.)
  • Knowledge to win the war (Haiti)
  • Southern Africa desperate for rain
  • Bigfoot is dead (Christian faith)
  • Protecting the poor from the trap of debt (Cambodia)
  • Food crisis in southern Africa
  • The key to happiness (helping others)
  • Guardians for the future (Africa)
  • A God of hope
  • A bridge between East and West (Jordan)
  • "My peace I leave you"
  • Famine helps teens live out their faith (U.S.)
  • Teen hunger stunt shames reality TV (U.S.)
January 2003
  • New Year's Resolutions
  • A chance to do more (Mali)
  • Daddy's proud of you
  • A simple change makes a difference (Kenya)
  • The power of Satan - melted away
  • Love at first sight (Ghana)
  • Frisbee diplomacy (China)
  • The high price of AIDS
  • Priest battles discrimination and AIDS (Uganda)
  • Two - or more - are better than one! (Honduras)
  • Justice for the oppressed
  • Hero continues to save and rebuild lives (Azerbaijan)
  • Children and conflict (Sri Lanka)
  • A God of hope
  • 'My peace I leave you'
December 2002
  • Soft economy or hard hearts? (U.S.)
  • The power of counseling (Tanzania)
  • Back to school in Herat (Afghanistan)
  • Eyewitness report (Southern Africa)
  • That naughty child, El Niño (Africa)
  • A time of hunger and hope (Ethiopia)
  • Larger than life problems - solved one at a time (Colombia)
  • Esterina's business (Albania)
  • Hope is more precious than silver or gold (Afghanistan)
  • It's a wonderful life (U.S.)
  • Josey's Christmas cards (India)
  • What would Christmas mean, without Easter? (Zambia)
  • Christmas in Ghana
  • Carrying the wise men and helping the poor (Gift Catalog)
  • Bibles for a million
November 2002
  • Lighthouse offers hope for teen prisoners (Mongolia)
  • What love can do (U.S.)
  • God's power in our weakness (Myanmar)
  • Eyewitness Report (Southern Africa)
  • Food shortages in southern Africa
  • Punish the guilty - save the innocent
  • Southern Africa food crisis and debt
  • A hungry child knows no politics (Ethiopia)
  • Carrying the wise men and helping the poor (gift catalog)
  • Bibles for a million
  • Ford has a better idea
  • The priest, the levite, and the good samaritan
  • One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic
  • Africa's AIDS epidemic and women
  • Priest battles discrimination and AIDS
October 2002
  • Day of Prayer: We can't afford not to (World)
  • The promise of living water (Ghana)
  • I was hungry and you fed me (World)
  • Esterina's "business" (Albania)
  • Relief work: A dangerous business (Sudan)
  • Knowledge to win the war (Haiti)
  • The hula hoop contest (U.S.)
  • World Vision at 50: Praying in the payroll
  • Prayers for the Middle East
  • Fighting misery: A growth industry (World)
  • Punish the guilty, save the innocent (southern Africa)
  • Rickets in Mongolia
  • Don't underestimate the voter (AIDS)
  • That naughty child, El Nino (Africa)
  • Bibles for a million (World)
September 2002
  • September 11 - the world changed, or did it? (U.S)
  • Twice in a lifetime (Ecuador)
  • Clean up at ground zero (U.S.)
  • Rebuilding the American dream (U.S.)
  • Leaving the fantasy for a higher calling (U.S.)
  • September 11 - one year later (New York)
  • Too many blank spaces (New York)
  • The lesson of the Marshall Plan (World)
  • Food crisis complicated by AIDS (southern Africa)
  • The blessing of clean water (Ethiopia)
  • School lunches (World)
  • A chance to learn at their own pace (Brazil)
  • Learning is easier with a friend's help ( U.S.)
  • Riding for hope (Africa)
  • Thanking God for work (Armenia)
August 2002
  • Fighting misery: A growth industry (World)
  • African farmers benefit from satellite technology (Uganda)
  • Southern Africa food crisis and debt
  • Water in the developing world (Ethiopia)
  • Larger-than-life problems - solved one life at a time (Colombia)
  • Let the children come to me (Jerusalem)
  • Jungle dentist (Brazil)
  • Be patient (Brazil)
  • Hope is more precious than silver or gold (Afghanistan)
  • Victory to the swift -- and sneaky (Guatemala)
  • Teachers and AIDS
  • Bono, the Good Samaritan (AIDS, Botswana)
  • Riding for hope (AIDS, southern Africa)
  • Thanking God for work (Labor Day)
  • Business ethics and hope for troubled times
July 2002
  • Food shortages in southern Africa
  • A time of hunger and hope
  • Fighting for the rights of the poor
  • Justice for the oppressed
  • Widow runs "happy woman's"restaurant
  • Water from a stone
  • Prayers for the Middle East
  • A family's life is transformed
  • A faucet for every home
  • Jungle dentist share more than smiles
  • The man by the side of the road
  • The orphan train
  • A true man's man
  • Measuring tragedy in inches and feet
  • Priest battles discrimination and AIDS
June 2002
  • Let the children come to me (West Bank)
  • Victory to the swift - and the sneaky (Guatemala)
  • Man's best friend helps children learn to read (United States)
  • War, drought, earthquakes - and floods (Afghanistan)
  • Stepping out in faith (Afghanistan)
  • Jimmy, the freedom fighter (South Africa)
  • Judge not (AIDS)
  • Crisis makes strange bedfellows (AIDS)
  • Ecuador's new Colonel Sanders
  • The generosity of a child (Unites States)
  • Living on $1 a day (Cambodia)
  • "Is this really you?" (Uganda)
  • What can one child do? (United States)
  • Too many blank spaces (United States)
  • The hula hoop contest (United States)
May 2002
  • Prayers for the Middle East (Jerusalem)
  • Larger-than-life problems--solved one at a time (Colombia)
  • Ordinary people moving mountains (Africa/AIDS)
  • Ford has a better idea (South Africa/AIDS)
  • One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic (AIDS)
  • A lesson on world hunger (United States)
  • Losing a child, losing a friend (United States)
  • Rice, not rats, in Vietnam
  • A watched pot (United States)
  • Who’s doing the housework? (Global)
  • Motherhood: Not a job for weaklings (Brazil)
  • Mothers through the eyes of their children (World)
  • Mother with AIDS has simple dreams for son (Thailand)
  • Amputee mother (Sierra Leone)
  • The heartbreak of Africa’s mothers (AIDS)
April 2002
  • The Hula Hoop contest (United States)
  • Faith-based initiatives (United States)
  • Boy no longer hunts rats (Mozambique)
  • Be patient (Brazil)
  • Returning to rebuild (Afghanistan)
  • Using gifts as the donor intended (United States)
  • Giving birth amid pain and sorrow (Middle East)
  • A true man's man (AIDS)
  • The Priest, the Levite, and the Good Samaritan (AIDS)
  • The heartbreak of Africa's mothers (AIDS)
March 2002
  • The world's children face Olympic-sized problems
  • Eyewitness reports from Herat (Afghanistan)
  • Six months from Ground Zero (New York)
  • Where there is no doctor (Brazil)
  • Teens "get rolling" to stop hunger (United States)
  • Hope: More precious than gold or silver (Afghanistan)
  • Finding comfort in mom and dad's beds (New York)
  • Jungle dentist spreads more than smiles (Brazil)
  • Mama Jeanne cares for 80 children (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Easter: Victory over sin and death (Malawi)
February 2002
  • A job not quite done
  • A faucet for every home
  • Winter in Afghanistan
  • Tomorrow's number depends on you
  • Gambling with children's lives
  • Love at first sight
  • Equal employment for Afghanistan's women
  • Priest battles discrimination and AIDS
  • Helping small businesses through tough times
  • Building their own peace
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