We Have a Winner: Ashton Kutcher
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The race between CNN and actor Ashton Kutcher to get one million followers on Twitter might have been a publicity stunt -– but nobody seems to be complaining. That's because it was all for a good cause. Whoever reached the goal first promised to donate $100,000 to the group, "Malaria No More."

The organization's goal is to eradicate malaria by 2015. Right now, the mosquito-borne disease kills a child every 30 seconds in Africa. A simple bednet could help to save those lives. Malaria No More sends thousands of them to Africa every year.

So who won the battle of the tweets? Ashton Kutcher. And his donation to Malaria no More was matched by CNN.

At $10 each, that means 20,000 bednets are headed to Africa, thanks to the generosity of Ashton Kutcher and CNN.
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