As We Forgive
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Fifteen years after the genocide, reconciliation in Rwanda is still deeply painful, as a new documentary by Laura Waters Hinson demonstrates.

"As We Forgive" examines the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and the aftermath. Over a period of 100 days, up to a million Tutsis were slaughtered by Hutus, many of whom were their former friends and neighbors. Less than a decade after the mass killings, trials, and convictions, the Rwandan government took a bold step. It released fifty thousand confessed killers from prison, hoping for reconciliation and restoration.

Laura Waters Hinson was a graduate student spending a summer doing volunteer work in Rwanda. She watched as genocide murderers began seeking the forgiveness of the victims who had survived their deadly attacks. She was so moved by what she witnessed that she decided to document it. That was the beginning of the film "As We Forgive."

All this month, PBS stations around the country will be airing "As We Forgive" as part of the 15th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Director Laura Waters Hinson has also created a way for Americans to get involved in the reconciliation happening in Rwanda. Listen here to her interview with host Peggy Wehmeyer.
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