Photo Credit: Prue Clarke
Victoria Carbohoma, 72, with a goat she bought with a $50 grant from the local non-profit group, the Foundation for Rural Development (Forud). Forud helps grandmothers left to care for grandchildren orphaned by AIDS. It is funded by U.S. group Trickle Up. The money Carbohoma makes by selling the goat's offspring pays for her five grandchildren and one great grandchild to go to school.

Microlending for the Extremely Poor
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In Uganda, a growing number of grandmothers now raise their grandchildren. AIDS has wiped out the generation in-between. Some are so destitute, they don’t even qualify for micro-loans from traditional banks -- loans designed to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Reporter Prue Clarke talks with some of these women struggling to survive and with the manager of a small non-profit organization that makes small grants to the women to help them eke out a living.
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