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Helping Out: A World Vision Report One-Hour Special
All over the world, at any given moment, people are helping each other out. They share their time, their energy, and their goodwill. This hour-long World Vision Report Special focuses on some of these unsung heroes: A retired nurse in South Africa cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS...using baseball to communicate with children in Honduras...a Hollywood executive finds fulfillment in helping garbage dump kids... aid worker clowns bring smiles back to Guatemala... battling burnout among aid workers...and a choir to lift the spirits of AIDS workers in Soweto.
Listen to the full show
Follow these links for more information on each story:
Ma Winnie
American Volunteerism
Explaining Baseball In Honduras
Smile Again
Helping Kids From The Dump
The President Of Peace
Clowns Without Borders
The Homeless Canvass
Aid Workers Also Burn Out
Soweto Choir

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