Photo Credit: Dave Snyder
A young orphan rests during a day of

play activities organized through an aid organization,
working to provide educational and employment
opportunitites to orphans and vulnerable children in

Aid Workers Also Burn Out
Listen to the:
“The longer you are in it, the more likely you are to burn out.” That’s the assessment of Dave Snyder on aid workers who push themselves to the point of exhaustion. He tells host Peggy Wehmeyer relief workers in the field will work sometimes 18 to 20 hours a day, seven days a week, under stressful conditions. When you have 40,000 people waiting for food, he says it’s hard to take a day off. “You feel guilty,” says Snyder. Sometimes workers just burn out. Snyder says every aid agency should provide counseling for those who work long hours in very stressful situations in the field.
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