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Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all World Vision-related media clips ... just a recent sampling.



How South Sudan's Conflict is Killing Women Far from the Battlefield
July 10, 2015

South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world -- 2,054 deaths per 100,000 births, according to the last national survey in 2006. No other country comes close: The next two highest-ranked countries, Somalia and Chad, have maternal mortality rates half as high as South Sudan's. And aid workers at several agencies told The WorldPost that they believe the official numbers actually understate the situation in South Sudan, since many women die in their homes or en route to hospitals, where their deaths go unrecorded.


South Sudan: 'Cesspool of Human Suffering'
July 9, 2015

Four years ago on July 9, 2011, South Sudan became an independent nation after decades of fighting. Many hoped peace would finally take hold, but that hasn't happened. As CBN News discovered, war has again gripped this new country leaving thousands dead and millions displaced.


In Midst of Civil War, Millions are Going Hungry in Sudan
June 10, 2015

An upsurge in fighting has displaced more than 100,000 people in South Sudan and blocked humanitarian aid for hundreds of thousands more.


G7 misses opportunity to help world's poor and hungry
June 8, 2015

The leaders of the Group of Seven nations have failed the world's poor and missed an opportunity to stand up for the most vulnerable children, global charities said on Monday.


Dukale's Dream
June 8, 2015

Hugh Jackman is very particular about his coffee. He loves his coffee fair trade. On a trip for World Vision, Hugh planted trees, shoveled manure for biofuel and learned about trading at the coffee co-op with Ethiopian farmer Dukale.


How Hugh Jackman's Connection With an Ethiopian Coffee Farmer Led to a Fair-Trade Documentary
June 6, 2015

The star and his 'Dukale's Dream' director say they hope their film, which developed organically over the past six years, can help people see the significance of their choices as consumers.


G7 must act to prevent deaths, help most vulnerable children
June 6, 2015

The survival of 17,000 children and 800 mothers is at stake every day unless the world's top industrialized nations, set to meet in Germany, muster the political will and money to end preventable maternal and infant deaths, a global charity said.


Gang violence fuels child marriage in Central America, researchers say
June 5, 2015

Rampant gang violence and drug turf wars in parts of Central America are fuelling child marriage as girls seek to marry or couple with gang members and older men as a form of protection, researchers say.


Q&A: Jackman launches 'Dream' coffee brand
June 5, 2015

This time last year, Hugh Jackman was hopping across our TV sets as the zippy host of the Tony Awards. But this weekend, he's leaping to the big screen in coffee documentary Dukale's Dream, produced by World Vision Australia, in select theaters Friday and on demand July 14. The 70-minute film charts Jackman's 2009 trip to Ethiopia with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, where they visited rural communities taking action to eradicate poverty


Help for the world’s ‘broken places’
June 4, 2015

Working in fragile states reflects a commitment to fighting poverty where it is, as well as a passion for simple fairness. “How do you explain to a little boy or girl,” asks Rich Stearns, the president of World Vision, “that we don’t want to help you because the politics of your country is too complex?”


Meet The South Sudanese Farmers Who Want To Feed Their War-Torn Nation
June 1, 2015

Pineapple farmer Marko Bagayowya has big plans. He wants to build a juice factory and sell South Sudan-made drinks. He wants to leave his four children an inheritance, something his own father was unable to do. And he wants to build a legacy for his brand-new nation -- a land that is rich in oil and agricultural resources, but where people are starving to death.


South Sudan swirls toward chaos
April 21, 2015

“I wish,” a South Sudanese female aid worker said, “they had waited five or 10 years before resuming the war.” This is what passes for hope in South Sudan. Will we merely watch as the world’s most fragile state is smashed into pieces?

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It's a 'Year of Fear' For  Kids, U.N. Says.  Can We Make Things Better?
May 30, 2015

"This is not the year of the child but the year of fear," Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister said, "with 2015 already the worst year since 1945 for children being displaced, the worst year for children becoming refugees, the worst year for children seeing their schools attacked."


A parent, a home, a leg — former child soldiers of the LRA tell ‘what I lost’ during years of captivity
May 20, 2015

Through portraits, these men, women and children are presented. Behind them is a wall with a list of all the things they lost during their years of captivity and, more important, a list of their hopes, their plans for the future. In some cases, these future plans are already being met; in other cases they are difficult to meet. But they maintain the hope, a hope that keeps them alive after their return from captivity in the worst conditions and eager to continue fighting every day to regain some of the past and build a future — a future where peace is the first priority, a peace that is built with the hope of these ex-child soldiers, peace and hope that they represent with their lives and their future.


Nepal Earthquake Relief
May 20, 2015

Humanitarian and faith-based groups like World Vision continue to be faced with major challenges when aiding post-earthquake Nepal, including severely damaged infrastructure, cold temperatures, and the possibility of disease, flooding, and even more earthquakes.


In Sierra Leone, religious leaders take on role in Ebola prevention
May 15, 2015

In the week leading up to May 13 Sierra Leone saw no new Ebola infections for the first time since the outbreak started, and Liberia declared itself Ebola-free on Saturday.


After the Show Show: World Vision
May 10, 2015

Christine Connolly Bell from World Vision explains how their charity helps families around the world.


Thank Ewe to Mom on Mother's Day
May 10, 2015

The humanitarian agency, World Vision, is asking shoppers to say "Thank EWE" to Mom this Mother's Day by giving the gift of a sheep in her honor to a family in need.


6 Mother's Day gifts that show Mom she did a great job raising you
May 6, 2015

What’s one of the best compliments a mother can hear? Praise for her children. It’s profoundly gratifying for mothers to see their hard work result in happy, healthy children who become kind and compassionate adults. This Mother’s Day, why not give Mom gifts that prove she raised you right? She’ll love the gift itself, as well as the compliment to her parenting!


Weekend Roundup: World Vision Gifts, Giant Playdate & Santa Monica Festival
May 6, 2015

What better way to say “I Love Ewe, Mom” this Mother's Day than with an adorable little lamb donated to a family in need? World Vision has a Mother's Day Gift Catalog where you can give animals including sheep, alpaca, goats and pigs as well as jewelry, totes and other handcrafted gifts that fund programs helping women and children around the world. Each gift you give not only provides joy to the person receiving it, but also helps others -- something Mom will surely love.


World Vision Mother's Day Gifts
May 5, 2015

World Vision Gifts shares how purchasing a gift of a farm animal or other items from the catalog can help people around the world.


These Girls Dream Big Despite Hunger, Discrimination And Conflict
June 3, 2015

The girls at Pariang primary school in South Sudan range in age from 5 to 25 years old. The older pupils study alongside the young, receiving their elementary school education on wooden benches clustered under the few trees that shade the schoolyard. They have fought against the odds to be here, many missing years of education due to the poverty, insecurity and gender discrimination that troubles this young nation.

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