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Refugees and migrants arrive by the busloads at the Croatian border, where World Vision and other aid agencies are there to provide relief supplies as the refugees hurry to cross the border. World Vision's relief supplies include bottled water, canned meat, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, diapers, baby food, and toys or balls for the children. PHOTO: World Vision / Laura Reinhardt

Survey: American attitudes toward Syrian refugees

World Vision survey says Americans are ready & willing to help Syrian refugees — they just haven't done it yet.

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This Christmas, join the movement to end extreme poverty with World Vision's Gift Catalog.

The movement to end extreme poverty

This Christmas, join the movement to end extreme poverty with World Vision's Gift Catalog.

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Families displaced by the violence in South Sudan wait on a crowded bus in Juba, hoping to flee to safety. PHOTO: Nhial Wei / World Vision

Crisis in South Sudan: Children's lives at risk!

World Vision urges: Listen to the cries of afflicted children and seek a negotiated solution to the conflict in South Sudan!

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Yazidis, members of a religious minority, fled fighting in Sinjar, Iraq. They are among an estimated 1.2 million displaced people seeking safety in Kurdish-controlled territory. PHOTO: World Vision

Thousands fleeing violence in Iraq

World Vision is providing emergency relief to families in desperate need of food, water and medicine in northern Iraq.

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Press Releases & Resources

Debaga camp in northern Iraq is home to families displaced by violence in Mosul
Oct 16, 2016

How World Vision is preparing for humanitarian crisis in Mosul

As military action begins in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, hundreds of thousands are likely to flee the embattled city.  Here's how World Vision has prepared to care for them.

Oct 11, 2016

World Vision to partner with the University of North Carolina to bring clean water, sanitation to millions

Six-year partnership will provide data-driven improvements to World Vision’s clean water and sanitation programs.

Odyssey Adventure Club and World Vision partnership
Oct 6, 2016

World Vision, Focus on the Family partner to provide families with two free weeks of the Odyssey Adventure Club

World Vision and Focus on the Family will partner throughout the month of October to offer two free weeks of stories, fun ideas and compelling content for families. 

Refugees camp out at an informal settlement in Lebanon after fleeing the conflict in Syria. PHOTO: World Vision/Jon Warren
Sep 22, 2016

History will Judge Leaders for Response to UN convoy Attack in Syria

A statement by over 100 Syrian, regional and international humanitarian and human rights organizations on Monday’s attack on a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo

A picture of one of the many tented settlements, home to Syrian refugees who have fled conflict and now live in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. PHOTO: World Vision/Jon Warren
Sep 22, 2016

InterAction Announces $1.2 billion Refugee and Humanitarian Assistance Pledge

Group of 30 international NGOs commit over $1 billion in private resources to help address global refugee crisis over the next three years.